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Easy yoga stretches that are better than vino

Posted Aug 12 2009 10:42pm

Yoga inspiration at sunset

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If you can't get to the gym or having a hard time relaxing - the best thing that works for me is squeezing in a few easy yoga stretches at random times (and places) around the house. For me, this means doing a few yoga poses wherever the girls happen to be playing. I'm always trying to find a way to multi-task - a woman thang that is very hard to shake!

Doing just a few yoga exercises will do wonders for releasing the day's tension and I hate to admit this, it's even better than a glass of vino! Although sex might trump yoga! But back to having two kids - most of the time I am left with yoga and vino ;) And if you're wondering what others think about yoga over vino check out the conversation on Facebook!

Below you will find inspiring yoga exercises that you can do at anytime without spending any moolah or scrambling out the door! Sounds perfect to me!

The benefits of yoga: We all know the big benefits of yoga like flexibility, posture, stress-relief, and increased strength but if you're still not convinced here are 77 surprising health benefits of yoga.

Useful article on thinking outside the yoga studio: a guide to starting a home practice.

Try out these therapeutic yoga poses for menopause, insomnia, for detox, neck pain and mild depression.

Watch Rodney Yee demonstrate the most therapeutic yoga exercise - Legs Up the Wall pose, an easy restorative yoga pose that quickly rejuvenates the lower back and legs, eases tension and helps boost circulation.


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