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Easy Vitality Hacks

Posted Sep 22 2011 9:10am

What we do day in day out is really what makes a difference in how we look and feel. These core fundamentals shape our body, mind and mental outlook on life – things like working out, eating well and thinking good thoughts. Saying this there are certain things we can quickly add to or change with our lifestyle’s which will improve vitality.

Capacity for survival or for the continuation of a meaningful or purposeful existence – Vitality

Here are some simple but effective things you can try to implement. They vary in effectiveness from person to person so pick the one’s which you can fit into your lifestyle and give them a try.

Drink Lemon Water - throughout the day adding either sliced lemon or a dash of fresh lemon juice to your water can have a cleansing effect as well as helping with digestion. Lemons are anionic and therefore work like bile and digestive juices to help you absorb nutrients. Lemons also have a strengthening effect on the liver which promotes detoxification – the liver makes more enzymes out of lemon juice than it does any other food.

When life gives you a lemon… squeeze it, mix it with six ounces of distilled water and drink twice daily.

Ear Plugs - these are not something you want to use everyday but they are certainly an item to keep on hand. We hear so much about sleeping in a dark room, while this is very important many people forget about how much sound can not only disrupt our sleep but stop us from getting into a deep sleep. So many people live in cities with noisy roads, or even in shared housing with noisy neighbours – the best solution when in doubt is to block out the noise with ear plugs. You will not only sleep deeper but avoid any loud noises from waking you. The better you sleep the better you will feel!

Salt - While sea salt theoretically is better for us than standard table salt it still contains the same amount of sodium. The problem with excess salt comes not so much in home cooked food but in pre-packed or restaurant food which contains large amounts of salt to amplify taste and act as a preservative. It is now thought that excess sodium leads to hypertension because it makes it harder for the cardiovascular system to simultaneously juggle the regulation of blood pressure and body temperature.

The solution? simply to eat less pre-made food and cook yourself using enough salt to make food taste. Don’t forget spices are also a great way of adding flavour to flavour to your cooking without the sodium hit. (Cinnamon in Porridge, or Cayenne pepper in Tomato based foods)

So three simple things you can do to improve health and vitality.

  1. Start your day with some lemon juice in hot water and sip on water with lemon added throughout the day.
  2. Make your sleeping environment as quiet and dark as you can.
  3. Use less salt when cooking and get creative with spices to flavour food.

Those are three of the main things that came to mind and are changes most people can easily make.

Other things came to mind but have all been covered on Zen to Fitness before: Walking , doing short and brief resistance training sessions , Stretching and Mobility . If you haven’t already have a read of those articles do so and try to incorporate those principles into your everyday life.


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