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Easy Tips To Manage Sleeping Habit At Place Of Work

Posted Dec 07 2010 7:51am

< p>Sleepy at the office? Well, in case yes then you are not the only one dealing with the issue. Tiring work schedules and endless pressures end up making you feel lethargic and sleepy. But, as you can’t afford to doze off at work, it’s much better that you be taught how to battle the problem. Here are a few tips that will support you with the same.

1 of the plainest things that you could do to ward away sleep in the office is always to include some proteins in your lunch. Proteins are an excellent source of energy and are certain to keep you fresh and going at your workplace. But ensure you’re choosing for healthy proteins. Go for nuts, meats and chesses. These foodstuff won’t just give you the requisite protein dose however also keep you off from feeling too sleepy.

Avoid the computer glare for long. It is a pre requisite if you do not mean to doze off in your workplace. It has been discovered that prolonged exposure to the pc screen could make you sleepy. Whenever you look at the computer screen you’re at big chance of eye strain and fatigue. It is in your interest to not glance at the pc screen for long time. Try to take your eyes off the computer screen now and then. This will prevent your eyes from any type of strain. The issue could also be seriously reduced in case you get an anti glare filter for your computer screen.

Drink lots of water. You might not have the capacity to spot a link between drinking water and staying awake. But, there is 1 for sure. In case you’re not drinking enough water, you are absolutely certain to be dehydrated. And, it is a well-known fact that dehydration minimizes your energy levels by 15%. So, ensure that you’re drinking enough water through the day. Gurus advocate drinking a minimum of eight to 10 glasses of water every day.

Nothing works better than fresh air if you are trying to keep awake. Abandon your cubicle for a few minutes and go out to catch some fresh air. Inhaling fresh air will recharge your body. Fresh oxygen rejuvenates your brain and body. Attempt to be in an open environment for a short while and you are sure to feel a lot fresher and energized.

Last but not the least; include a few exercise in your daily regime. Working out on daily basis goes a long way in making you lively and thus deters you from sleeping when on the job. You require not hit the gym of your place of work for your daily share of exercising. A straightforward walk in corridor can well suffice. Plus you may utilize your office restroom for exercise as well. All you need to do is to practice some stretching exercises in the restroom. This will keep a watch on your propensity to snooze off.

So, the next time you feel sleepy at the workplace, merely stick to any or all of these ideas and you’re certain to keep awake and alert throughout the day.

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