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Easy Meals–WIAW

Posted Dec 05 2012 9:00am

Finals week usually means that I crawl into a little cave and don’t come out. Yup, sounds about right. I actually finished two of my finals, which I think I aced – heck yeah. I have another final today along with my very last class, and then a project and my last final next week.

Since I’m focusing mostly on studying, meals have been very repetitive. I’ve literally been eating almost the same meals day in and day out. I’m not complaining, since I like what I eat, but it may be boring to you all reading.

And yes, I do realize that I say this pretty much every WIAW. Oh well.


Anyway, here’s a look into my recent eats.


I always have my usual pre-workout of coffee, a rice cake, sunwarrior, and pb2. Post-workout has been chocolate sunwarrior and half a banana.

I’m almost out of sunwarrior, but I can’t justify to buy another bag – it’s expensive! Anyone else know of a Vegan protein powder they like? Or anything with no dairy/lactose really?


I’ve been doing oats almost every morning. I add egg whites, almond milk, and cinnamon to it. It’s been sitting really well with my stomach so I’ve been sticking with it. Always topped with a nut butter.


This may seem weird, but this has been my favorite lunch lately. I do a few egg whites, a whole egg, and scramble with spinach. Then I top a sweet potato and some sort of squash mixture (usually butternut or acorn) with cinnamon. I don’t even know, but it goes really well together. Sometimes I add a tablespoon or so of quinoa if I need more carbs. IMG_3757

A plain old salad is my go-to dinner. It’s ready in 5 minutes because I just throw a bunch of stuff on a plate. Spinach, cucumbers, carrots, avocado, nutritional yeast, and chicken.

I usually have another meal, either protein bars with sunbutter, or something else I’m feeling at the moment. I always forget to take a picture though. I’m also still having my egg white, cinnamon, peanut butter combo for my last meal before bed. I’m still not sick of it – I’m weird.



What is your go-to easy meal?

Do you eat convenience food when you don’t have time to cook?

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