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Easy Eco-Friendly Swaps around the Home

Posted Sep 27 2010 3:29am

Image by Lori Greig via Flickr

In the 21st Century there is a lot of hype surrounding protecting the environment. Not only is being eco-friendly beneficial for the environment, going green is beneficial to your wallet. Even the simplest changes in your home can make a huge difference for the world and your wallet. Follow these five simple steps for a great way to start your eco-friendly lifestyle:

Lighting Around Your Home
Take a look around your home at your lighting, swapping old bulbs for more efficient options. There are a number of eco-friendly options available that use up to 75% less energy than conventional bulbs and have a lifespan that is 10 times longer. Although such bulbs cost more upfront, the overall savings that can be made are worth shelling out for.

Heating Your Home
Heating is a major outlay when it comes to energy expenditure. By adjusting your thermostat just two degrees can make a huge difference. If you wear appropriate seasonal clothing, the few degrees change in temperature will go unnoticed. Monitoring your heating is an easy and fast way to help reduce your energy costs each month, helping the environment at the same time.

Using Your Washing Machine
Your washing machine is responsible for around 10% of the overall energy usage in your home. If possible, choose to use cold water cycles as this helps to keep the cost down. Avoid several small loads and choose one day a week when you can wash a dark load and another day when you wash all your lights. If you’re looking to purchase new machines this year, try and purchase machines that have a top load.

Unplug Items That Are Not Being Used
A simple and effective way to save energy is to unplug items that are not being used. Look around your home for small items that are sitting idle such as computers or mobile phone chargers that are not constantly being used. You will soon realise how much of difference unplugging these items will have on your monthly electricity bill.

Cheap Electricity Suppliers
Some cheap electricity suppliers have a number of eco-friendly initiatives that come as part of their green energy packages. These include providing energy efficient ways of giving you your gas or electricity, renewable energy sources and offering insulation for your home.

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