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Easy Eats

Posted Nov 11 2009 10:03pm
Good morning love'eys! How's everyone's day startin' off so far?  Things are good so far here.  EXCEPT GOOGLE READER IS SLOW.   Sorry if you see this twice, after 3 hours this post still has not shown up in Reader so I am re-clickin' the Publish Button.   Anyone else with issues?  

Anywhoo negative comment drama and I am glad to hear your fave unseasonal fruits and your recommendations on Ani's recipes from her book that I just got from the last post.  And of course all your hidden tats and piercing anecdotes were music to my holey ears.

So let's recap some of my eat-ies.

First there was a brekkie cookie.  1/3 c dry oats, 1 smooshed nanna, 1 scoop Sunny Warr BRPP (brown rice protein powder), heavy dash of NuNaturals white stevia powder because I like my cookie ridic sweet, what can I say.  And a squirt of agave.

For all inquiring minds, the only liquid or wet ingredients I use in my version of the cookie, although I know Miss Fitnessista adds other stuff, but I only do the nanna & agave.  No nut milks or nut butters.  I guess I have really juicey nannerz becuz if I added nut milk or nut buttah, I would just have slop.  And not a cookie.  And I much prefer cookies to slop.

18 hours later...

And I plated it up with pears, pineapple that I've been lovin', and grapes.  And iced it.  Delish.  It's still 105 F here.  Yeah, icy is good.

Onto some greenery.  A bed of greens, tomato, red & yellow pepps, zukes, carrots, and slathered inmy Homemade Thai-Inspired Peanut Sauce. 

You will probably literally lick you plate clean because this sauce is that good, if I do say so myself.

Also rocked out a bowl of greens, carrots, asparg, B.S., red & yellow pepps, zukes, & tomato.  Dressed with My Standard Dressing, which is the juice of 1/2 an orange, agave, and cracky blacky.

And as promised in this post, I got a better lookin' pic of the Nooch Sauce over zukes, carrots, and asparagus, which I have to say oddly, or wonderfully, resembles the cheesy coating on Cheetos.   For the details on making it in about 30 seconds flat in your own crib, go check this recipe out.  

Dessert time...

Banana Vanilla Softserve goin' down.  And boy, was it good.  I never get sicka this shizzle.  For recipe info, here ya go. 

Look and it was really thick and delish.

And I also indulged in a few bites 'o the raw vegan apple crumbleMmmmm.

Yoga today is back to basics.  Seated forward bends.  Paschimottanasana.   If you're a runner especially, you really need to think about stretching your hamstrings in a seated forward bend or standing forward bend where you'd fold over at the waist and touch your toes.  Running shortens your hamstrings, and forward bends will counter that and helps to lengthen them back out.  And doing so will help you prevent injuries. 

For the non runners, this pose also helps to stretch and release your lower back and since we all spend too much time sitting at our 'puters and not doin' our backs any favors, forward bends will help your back out, too.

That's the beginning of my Tip of the Day:  It's so important to take care of ourselves and pamper ourselves, even if it's just baby steps.  Takin' an extra few minutes each day to make sure you're showin' yourself some love and treating yourself right is so important.  For me, that means starting my day off with a 20 minute run and 20 minutes of yoga.   

What is your daily must-do activity for your well being & sanity?  Tell me how your fave self-care steps!

And with the traditional ashtanga style toe-hold

Next Tip of the Day: A Couple of GiveAways...First the lovely Amanda from RunToTheFinish is givin' away salsa.   Go get ya self entered and get a lil fire goin' in your mouthey.

Stay tuned for some Ani Desserts like I mentioned I'd be hookin' ya up with.  Provided all goes well in the kitch this mornin' (and if googlereader doesn't strike me down), I'll have pics for ya later today.  Fingers crossed...
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