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Easily Conceal Thinning Hair And Bald Spots With Nanogen Nanofibers

Posted Jul 14 2010 6:07am

< p> Thinning hair affects both men and women. This is especially right for people who genetically get thin hair early in life, making them look older than their real age. Topical hair re-growth stimulants work but take forever to take effect.

Do you want to get thick hair in just 30 seconts? Yep, you can with Nanogen Nanofibers .  Nanogen Nanofibers are small fibers that attach to your hair making it thicker and giving your hair a full bodied look. What’s more, in just 30 seconds you are ready to go.

Nanogain fibers are made up of keratin, the same protein that makes up hair. So it is safe to use daily and won’t hurt your hair or scalp. The microscopic fibers are cut with precision by laser and then the fibers are dyed and are given electrostatic charge. This charge will make the fibers into tiny magnets, so they could adhere to hair. Nanogen is the only hair concealer product that gives a fir tree like pattern when applied to hair. This pattern is vital in making hair look thicker, giving it more body.  Nanogen does not easily fall out, unlike other brands.

If it sticks to hair, what about bald spots? Really bald spots have hair . If you look closely, there are thin transparent hair stands present there and this is enough for Nanogen microfibers to attach to.

Nanogen is simple to apply , just dust the fibers on your hair and it’s done. But of course, it is best to wash and dry your hair prior to this. When hair is clean and dry, style your hair as usual, then apply Nanogen. You will notice that the fibers follow how you style your hair, and instantly you will see your thinning or bald spots disappearing. Not only that, it adds volume to your hair too. Afterwards, it is best to apply the Nanogen Lock Mist as this will fix the Nanofibers in place. The lock mist will surely bind the Nanofibers through wind, perspiration and rain.

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