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{EarndIt Review} Get Rewarded For Working Out

Posted Jul 24 2012 7:00am

Exercise So, you workout.  Fabulous!  How would you like to be rewarded, and essentially paid, for just that?!  Well, now you can!  I have stumbled upon a wonderful website that offers just this.  Let me introduce you to  EarndIt.  I have been using the website for about two weeks now so I would have the chance to properly review what it offers, weigh the pros and cons, and bring you my honest opinion. Let me start by introducing a bit more about EarndIt.  I am the kind of person that reacts to positive reinforcement, as opposed to punishment.  I would rather be rewarded for something I do, than punished for something I do not do.  Cue: EarndIt.  This FREE website tracks your workout progress through common fitness trackers and calculates points for each and every workout.  Your points accumulate day-to-day and you can redeem them for products, goods, gift cards, charitable donations, and even contest entries. When you create an  EarndIt  account, you simple connect your account to the service or device of your choice (you can sign up with more than one):

    I have my account linked to both my Foursquare account (for gym check-ins) and my Garmin watch for outdoor runs. What makes EarndIt worthwhile?

    1. You are rewarded based on how much your exercise: 10 points per mile, 15 points per gym check-in (20 points if you are mayor: Extra Incentive ;) ), and so on.  You can earn up to 60 points a day.
    2. It is automatic: While other similar services track progress when you log in and enter data, EarndIt automatically tracks your progress and accrues your points through your connected services/devices.  So, you don’t have to change anything about your exercise regiment; you just get rewarded for what you already do!
    3. Discover new products: EarndIt partners with fantastic companies to bring you healthy prizes and rewards.  You can discover new things for FREE or at a steep discount.  What’s better than that?
    4. FREE STUFF: This one should be obvious.  View current rewards HERE.
    5. Competition & Accountability: You can join challenges and compete with friends, acquaintances, other EarndIt users for prizes!  Furthermore, you can create challenges!  EarndIt also has a Leaderboard so you can see who amongst your group is getting moving, and hold each other accountable in this manner.
    6. Extra Incentive: Having a reward system for working out offers an extra incentive to get out there and get moving.  If at the end of the day, you earn getting “paid” to workout, why wouldn’t you? ;)
    7. Connect via Social Network: Attach your favorite social networks (Twitter, Facebook) to your Earndit account and use them to login as well as share your Earndit victories with your friends.

    Here are some current rewards (this is only a SMALL sampling of ALL the possibilities from a list that is constantly updated):

    EarndIt Reward               EarndIt Reward   EarndIt RewardEarndIt Reward  

    The only downfall that I have run into is when it comes to accumulating points.  I track via my Garmin watch (which is wonderful), but Foursquare check-ins are not as simple.  My gym is my college recreation center, and EarndIt doesn’t qualify that as gym so NO POINTS.  Boo!  But, I simply check-in in the sauna room and all is good.  That seems to count?  Odd enough.  Next, I wish that my gym workouts could earn more than 15-20 points.  If I bust my butt for two hours and only earn the 15, it’s a bit unfortunate.  Nonetheless, just means I should probably look into using another device/service to earn more!  That’s what is so great about EarndIt: the possibilities!

    So what are you waiting for? Get out there and get rewarded for your exercise!

    When you join (and you all should), follow me and I’ll follow you.  Here’s my profile: MY PROFILE.  And let’s get rewarded together.

    Don’t forget to LIKE EarndIt on Facebook and FOLLOW them on Twitter!

    Please be sure to LIKE my FB page ( Savvy Sassy Me ) and follow me on twitter ( @kacie_phillips )!  Did you enjoy this post?  SHARE it with your friends and introduce them to EarndIt!

    xoxo Savvy Sassy Me


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