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Early to tube good health Province lot of money

Posted May 07 2013 8:17am
  In ancient China, there is the treatment of disease, "saying that the wisest doctor of medicine treatment of people is not good, but can prevent diseases. Now, our national health increasingly concerned about sick all know to go to the hospital, but early investment in health, in order to avoid future less sick idea has not been firmly established. Therefore, this special creation of "health management" version, to help people to health literacy, improve health literacy, in order to prevent and avoid the risk of many chronic diseases, and provide a reference for businesses,  cheap christian louboutin outlet   communities, and even the government health management.
  2009 issued by the Ministry of Health, "Chinese residents health literacy survey report shows that Chinese residents have health literacy, less than 7 100 people with chronic disease prevention literacy, 100 less than five years. Visible, the Chinese people generally do not have the ability to maintain their own health, an urgent need for society as a whole to promote the implementation of health management strategies to respond to the growing health needs. At present, however, the health of our management is still in its infancy, many businesses, communities and the government has not been attached great importance to this,  cheap christian louboutin pumps   we invite China Health Education Center Mao Qun'an detailed interpretation of "health management".
  "Life Times": "Health Management", there are multiple interpretations. In your opinion, what is the health management? And health education What is the difference?
  Mao Qun'an: Currently, health management has not yet recognized, uniform definition. Broadly speaking, health management for health and health risk factors, prevention, clinical, rehabilitation and other health care stage for individuals and groups to provide targeted scientific and health information, and to create the conditions to take action to improve health, involving the whole process of health-care services. At present, in our country, we have mentioned more health management based on individual health matters on the basis of the personal health record management services, a common form of services health examination,  cheap christian louboutin heels   chronic disease risk population health management, health of patients with chronic disease management, elderly health management .
  Health management and health education are different, there are links. The difference is that the health management and health education are the two areas. The current fine management of health management in China has become more individualized, more focus on chronic disease prevention and management. Health education through a planned, organized, systematic educational activities to encourage people to voluntarily adopt healthy behaviors and lifestyles, to achieve the purpose of the prevention and control of diseases, health promotion. Both are intrinsically linked, both in concept and work overlap with each other,  red bottom shoes on sale   showing both the division of labor and collaboration, and sometimes even can be said that health management is part of the health education, health education is a part of health management or content .
  "Life Times": health management in the United States, was born in what social context? When this concept is introduced into China?
  Mao Qun'an: Health Management first appeared in the United States in the 70s of the last century. At that time, the United States faces enormous pressure of an aging population and chronic diseases, even with the world's richest medical and health resources, can not afford the fast-growing medical expenses. 19% of the U.S. population 1% of the most unhealthy and suffering from chronic diseases share 70% of health care costs, 80% of medical expenses used in the treatment of preventable diseases. It is under such pressure,  christian louboutin sneakers women   the United States started to pay attention to health management. When the study found that health management is improving people's health is the most cost-effective measures, the government has increased investment in health management. Through decades of efforts, and achieved remarkable results, the incidence of chronic diseases dropped significantly for the medical expenses of the treatment of chronic diseases is also greatly reduced.
  Health management in China was relatively new, practical application in the first theoretical study, on the whole still in its infancy. 2001, the first domestic health management company is registered, and now has grown to more than 1,000. In 2005, cheap christian louboutin shoes  the Ministry of Labor announced the health management division as one of the new career, marks the recognition of the state of the health management industry. July 28, 2007, Chinese Medical Association formally established the Health Management Branch.
  "Life Times": at this stage in our country, to promote healthy management of national health and national development contribution?
  Mao Qun'an: at this stage in our country to promote the implementation of health management is important. First, China is facing the dual threat of communicable and non-communicable diseases,  christian louboutin shoes for sale   chronic diseases will show a growth spurt and other factors to the health and economic and social development has brought enormous pressure. Overseas experience has shown that health management in addressing these challenges, many successful experiences.
  Second, promote the implementation of health management in China's economic development is important. Health management by reducing the patient to save a lot of medical expenses (up 90%);  christian louboutin pumps online   improve production efficiency, improve the core competitiveness of enterprises by protecting labor; health management development can also increase the employment, change the structure of the health industry, the impact on the national economy transformation.
  "Life Times": Some people say, the home health literacy Housewives family of three generations of health has security, how do you think? Health management for the family you have any suggestions?
  Mao Qun'an: It's a grain of truth. Housewives are often in charge of the family's living arrangements, such as dietary patterns and nutritional intake, living environment, health status, smoking and drinking behavior as well as entertainment. Lifestyle and behavior precisely is closely related to a person's health, especially chronic diseases. Housewives have a healthy philosophy of life and higher health literacy, the health of the family members will have great benefits. Family health management, it is recommended that the health conscious,  cheap louboutin outlet   there are plans to invest to be "upfront investment, not sick, get sick less" philosophy.
  "Life Times": community hospitals and primary health care institutions should assume how health management responsibilities?
  Mao Qun'an: primary health care institutions, including the city's community health service centers and rural township hospitals, village clinics, is an important provider of health management services. Primary health care institutions to grasp the health of local residents file and provide residents with health monitoring, health risk assessment, health guidance and risk factors for intervention, health care management services.
  "Life Times": most of the enterprises of the employees' health and welfare policy from the overall point of view is not optimistic, you think how to enhance the awareness of managers pay more attention to the health of employees?
  Mao Qun'an: on the one hand, we have to be more publicity to the business managers in the enterprises to carry out the benefits of health management. In the United States, the United States more than the medium-sized enterprises, the general acceptance of the professional services provided by the health management company.  christian louboutin outlet online   They found that invest l dollars in health management, representing a decrease of 3-6 yuan medical expenses, health management can significantly improve the labor productivity of employees per employee annual output value increased by 50%, if coupled with a result labor productivity return, the practical benefits of up to 8 times the investment. On the other hand, it is recommended to cover health management, human resource management, business management, health insurance and other relevant policies to promote the development of corporate health management system.
  "Life Times": You just mentioned the health of our management is just getting started, that compared with Europe and the United States, the gap is reflected in what areas?
  Mao Qun'an: It should be said that the work of health management in China and Europe and the United States and other developed countries, there is a large gap. In particular in: 1. Low coverage of services. 70% of people in the United States the right to health management services,  cheap louboutin outlet   70% of companies in Europe for their employees health management program, was estimated to enjoy a number of professional health management services in China is only 2 / 10000.2 service quality is not high. Domestic medical and health institutions still not systematic health management, health management company's services are often only limited to healthy, from a real health management, there is a great gap. Management and guidance not in place. Health management in China's macro-economic policy and management system is still very weak, the health management industry support system has not been established. Lack of personnel. It was estimated that China has 10 million health management division, compared with Japan, little less than 200 million of them 60 million health management division. 5 of the medical insurance system has not yet achieved and Health Administration docking.
  "Life Times": research, health management is actually the management of future medical cost of inputs. outlet discount christian louboutin     What do you think?
  Mao Qun'an: I totally agree. Health management through the management of health and its risk factors, reducing the risk of illness, slowing the development of existing disease, which affects the future health status and expenses. A 20-year study in the United States: 90% of the individuals and businesses through health management, medical expenses decreased to 10%, without making 10% of people in health management, medical expenses increased by 90% than the original. In other words, investment in health management, just spend very little money, we can save a lot of medical expenses in the future,  cheap christian louboutin online   health management is in fact the management of investment in the future health care costs, regardless of the government, families, and individuals, are so .
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