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Early Morning Confessions

Posted Apr 02 2013 11:48am

1. The sunshine outside my window has allowed for nearly naked runs. Aka shorts and tank tops!!!!!! I have my first tan lines of the year. Shorts shorts SHORTS!


2. I did not and will not clean that mirror, even after taking a photo and seeing the filth. That photo was also taken before the tank tops were brought out. It was the first shorts run of the season. These things must be documented.

3. Did I mention the weather has been nice in my area?! That also means busting out the Vibram’s and running WITHOUT socks! Left: socks, right: NO SOCKS!

20130402-080055 4. I have made it to $2.00 on my coin counter . You all laughed when I started, laugh no more! $2.00 can ALMOST buy a cupcake!

5. I went to Africa.



6. I’ve been tearing through books lately. I just can’t stop reading.

7. I think coffee is one of the most amazing smells in the world. Just the smell makes my bowels quiver. 99% of the time I drink coffee I only drink half the glass. I mean business.


8. I’ve been playing tourist again around Seattle. While there I rode a carousel for the first time in years.

20130402-080106 20130402-080123 9. Biggest confession of the post: Over the last couple days I have secretly stolen some of my sisters Easter candy to eat. I ate it..I ate her candy. That’s not the confession. The candy is not vegan! It was DELICIOUS! I may have had a cookie or a bite of non vegan cake too. OK no more Easter candy for me.

10. I also ate my body weight in Field Roast on Easter, and make a bunny cookie that could probably win some kind of art show.

20130402-080146 Just a little fun fact about me: I do not pluck my eyebrows to be like this, I was just cursed blessed with STUBS that vanish at the end for eyebrows. I’m too lazy for makeup everyday, so if anyone has any magical hair growth HOOK ME UP!

Q: What’s your morning confession? 


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