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Posted Jun 27 2013 10:45am
This morning was our last workout in my early morning June Bootcamp Session.  It's always so great to get in a sweaty workout and be finished before 8 am!  The workouts have been even extra sweaty thanks to the mugginess in the air these days.  I got up a little earlier this morning and saw a workout on Pinterest that inspired a portion of our class today.  I modified it a little bit and am sharing it here.  It's a quick, energizing cardio blast that really cranked out the calories on my heart rate monitor.  Throw it into your day and let me know what you think!
I followed this morning's workout with a super protein shot I was asked to sample.  Loved it!

Recently, the folks at Frog Fuel contacted me about trying out their product.  I did a little research and thought it would be something up my alley and in line with the topics on this Blog.  So, I received three packets of Frog Fuel Protein Shots in the mail to try and share.   Here are some of the great things about these cute little packs directly from the Frog Fuel website
Energy with maximum nutritional value.

FrogFuel Protein is qualified as a medical food by the FDA and provides 15 grams
of rapidly absorbed medical-grade liquid collagen protein.

'Pre - digested' for nearly 100% protein bioavailability.

Complete protein.

Enhanced with taurine .

80mg of caffeine for energy, increased metabolism.

Delicious berry flavor.

No mixing, just drink.

60 calories; sugar, fat, gluten and lactose free.

2-year shelf life without refrigeration.
Pretty Cool I thought.  The first shot I tried was last week after a hard session and I tried it straight from the pouch.  It had a great grape taste.  Not bitter or too sweet.  I thought it was a lot better than some of the other gels and goos I have tried.  This morning, I used it a little differently, and put it into my water bottle for my post workout protein and hydration.  It was, again, a refreshing grape taste and I thought an easy way to get the protein after exercise.  

So, what is this exactly you may be asking.  Basically, it is a 1 oz liquid protein supplement that gives you 15 grams of protein fomulated for rapid absorption.  Two Navy SEALS developed it for athletes or anyone with an active lifestyle.  I like the fact that there is NO sugar, fat, gluten, carbs, cholesterol, lactose or any unpronounceable ingredients.  

This would be really easy to pack for a long run or bike ride.  The fact that is doesn't need to be refrigerated is also a plus.  I think this little packet is a wonderful addition to the pantry as a go to protein supplement.  Some protein powders taste chalky when mixed with water, and sometimes you just can't get right back home to mix up a protein smoothie in the blender.  I also think this is a healthier option than so many of the protein bars out there that can be loaded with sugar.  

So, I give it a thumbs up.  AND, best of all, Frog Fuel has given me the opportunity to host a GIVEAWAY so that one of you can try these shots for yourself.  

All you have to do is leave a comment below on this blog sharing your favorite summer workout, or sharing your favorite workout tip.  (I get lots of comments on my Facebook page, but for this GIVEAWAY leave your comment on this Blog to be eligible.)  A WINNER  will be chosen at random on MONDAY, JULY 8.   

_ Check out the Frog Fuel App Here  and more cool stuff in the video! Hope to hear some workouts and tips from you!
Have a great day! 
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