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Early Holiday Spirit & East Coast Clothing Suggestions

Posted Nov 08 2011 2:08pm

Whew that’s a long title! I’ll get to that in a sec, but first I want to say a huge thank you to you all for sending me “get better” wishes because I think I finally kicked this cold out of my system after having a nice, relaxing weekend with the hubby. We pretty much did absolutely nothing Saturday and Sunday and I think it’s just what the doctor ordered :)

Friday evenings we never particularly feel like putting that much effort into a meal so we went for a tasting plate of sorts…

Bagel chips, sliced baguette, white sharp cheddar cheese, salami – we also had a plate of veggies and hummus

This salami was a lil too fatty for my liking but still pretty good

Since we were still recovering from our colds we wanted to soothe our souls so chocolate chip cookies it was! Now, this lover of sweets here does not have a mixer – I know, the horror! So when I say we baked cookies, I literally mean that, just plop ‘em on a baking sheet and bake! :)

I had two right out of the oven – there’s really nothing better than warm ooey gooey cookies…and this kind was pretty good but a lil too healthy tasting for Todd’s liking - it did the job though ;)

Saturday morning I was starting to feel a bit better so I went to my spin class to sweat out the remnants of my cold – felt so much better afterwards! Then ran a few errands to the grocery store, got my car smogged, renewed my car registration, came home, ate lunch, then sat on the couch with Todd for the entire rest of the day. It was so nice to relax and catch up on some shows we had recorded like The Walking Dead and then watched an old favorite Office Space – love that movie!

We were feeling something super easy for dinner and I decided to continue our love for Mexican food and made ground turkey tacos. I just browned the meat, then added in a chopped red bell pepper, onion, and a packet of McCormick Taco Seasoning Mix , simmer for 5 minutes, and tada!

Soft for me, hard for him – that’s what she said ;)

x 2!

We also continued our love for sweet treats, you know, to feed that cold ;) So we broke out the good ole Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls and baked those for a fun dessert! We rarely eat packaged desserts like this, but it’s what our souls needed that weekend :)

We each had one and it was glorious

Sunday was another relaxing day filled with a quick gym workout with Todd and then a couple errands were ran. It was another evening of not wanting to put much effort into dinner so it was Mollie Stone’s sushi and salad bar to the rescue…

My salad – kidney beans, garbanzo beans, croutons, beets, and veggies

Todd’s sushi, which I took many bites from ;)

Sunday also consisted of me getting into some major holiday spirit. I don’t know why but this year I’m especially getting into the holiday spirit super early. I think the older I get, the more nostalgic I become so Sunday I got my small collection of Christmas decorations up – I hung our wreath on our front door and got out our holiday penguins…

P.S. ’9ers won!! Whoo hoo!!

And I even picked up a couple Advent Calendars for Todd and I…no matter how old I get, I will be doing this tradition forever. My parents always got me one and it’s a tradition I want to keep for our children as well…for now Todd and I will just enjoy the chocolates ;)

Are any of you into the holiday spirit early this season?! Or will you be waiting until after Thanksgiving?

I especially can’t wait for us to pick up our Christmas tree once we get back from New York. Speaking of New York, we’re headed to my in-laws next Thursday to upstate New York (super excited!) and I need some clothing suggestions from you all on what to wear. This California girl has no cold weather clothing whatsoever. I’ll be borrowing some from my sis but I really need some long sleeved tops like thermals, and comfy bottoms to wear with my Uggs like leggings – any of you have some suggestions on where I can get some affordable (cute!) cold weather clothing from? Todd suggested Target and I’m also thinking of checking out H&M. I also want to get some infinity scarves – any of you know where I can find some of those?!


Hope you all have a great day and if you get a chance hop on over to Caitlin’s blog at Healthy Tipping Point to wish her a congrats on some super exciting news! I’ve never met Caitlin, but I’ve been reading her blog since the very beginning and have always loved it. Her blog helped me in many ways in inspiring me to get healthy during my eating disordered/overexercising days…and now that she’s expecting I couldn’t be more happy for her and to follow her along on this journey. It’s so exciting to see so many bloggers that I’ve followed for the past 3+ years get married then pregnant and to be able to celebrate these milestones with them – it’s such a great community to be a part of and to follow everyone’s lives through the internet is a pretty amazing thing :)

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