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Dyan’s Body Ride at Revolve

Posted Feb 12 2013 11:17am

Last night I finally got to try Revolve , a new spin studio in Union Square. Dyan , one of the instructors at Revolve, actually helped train me to teach intenSati so of course I was very excited to try out her spin class!

The studio is in a great location which is super important for me. The lobby is pretty and smells new, and there is a nice locker room with showers and locks. My coworker and I received a friendly greeting from the receptionist who also gave us a little tour and lesson on how to use the lockers. I also need to mention that there was free gum on the front desk (huge bonus points!!). They have spin shoes available for renting for $2.00. I recently bought spin shoes that kill my feet so I decided to rent shoes, and return my shoes to Paragon Sports after class. The shoes I rented felt so much better than the shoes I bought for myself.

The spin studio was a really nice size and full of Schwinn bikes. I received my certification from Schwinn so I really enjoy taking spin classes that use their bikes. I really liked that Dyan kept the room super dark during class because I tend to get really distracted and stare at other riders if the lights are bright.

Photo credit: Dyan’s Facebook page

There are three different types of spin classes at Revolve: Real Ride, Body Ride, and Rip Ride. Last night’s class was the Body Ride:

Cardio…Strength…Flexibility…Everything you need in one complete class. This all-encompassing workout allows you to maximize the time you have to work-out in one place. Start out strong. The ride is cardio-intense and gets the heart rate up and keeps it there. Stay moving while you strengthen and tone the upper body on the bike. Polish it all off with a cool down stretch both on and off the bike. You get it all. You get the complete body. 

I really loved this class. There were hills, intervals, and sprints to keep the heart rate up, with an upper body weight section in the middle of class. Using 3 or 5 pound weights, we did bicep curls, tricep dips, back exercises, and other upper body exercises. I always love doing arm exercises in any class, but especially love them in spin classes since it breaks up the class and makes 45 minutes a little more tolerable. The time went by super fast (it really helps not having a clock in the studio) and Dyan had awesome energy the entire time. I especially loved Dyan’s playlist, all songs that I would definitely listen to on my own. I would definitely take her class again, and look forward to trying the other types of spin classes at Revolve in the future. I am actually trying out Jason Tran’s Real Ride tomorrow morning! Can’t wait!

Guess what? You can try your first ride with Dyan at Revolve for FREE with this code:  DYANGETFIERCE12  WWW.REVOLVEFITNESS.COM . Happy riding!

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