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Drop10 Detox-Day 2

Posted Aug 26 2013 9:08pm

Holy soreness.  I think maybe doing the toning moves (even sans weights) plus playing soccer later did a number on my muscles yesterday.  I am walking around like a hobbling weirdo.  Still, I managed to get in my training run today.  I had every intention of trying the workout with 3-5lbs weights, but my legs told me to fuck off and well, I gotta listen.  As I stated before, I’m mostly aiming to follow as much of the food plan as possible since I’m already pretty active with the running sports.  But, enough excuse making, let’s move on to the day.  By the way, I will be weighing daily (normally I do once a week) just to see how I fluctuate on the plan.

AM weight:  151.4lbs
Meal 1:  Sweet Peach Nectarine Smoothie .  Since I got nectarines in my CSA share, I swapped those in place of the peaches.  The smoothie was super delish!  It had a good sweetness, the almond butter was yummy, and I pounded it before I even got to work.


Funny story.  Well not funny, but a typical Monday story.  I was too tired (or lazy, your pick) to get up early to prep lunch before heading to work, so I figured I’d just come home on my lunch break.  I pulled into the driveway and realized I left my work badge sitting on my desk.  Oops.  Then, after lunch while driving back I discovered the major road I take to and fro was closed down while I was home and traffic had backed up on all the other roads. I managed to get back to work just over an hour after I had left.  After the security staff (jokingly) gave me a hard time about not having my badge, I was back to the pile of paperwork on my desk.  Happy Monday to me!  Anyway…
Meal 2:  Lemony Salmon and Spinach Salad


I gave this recipe the side-eye when I first saw it.  Blueberries?  Salmon?  Are you sure?  It was fricken awesome though.  The flavors complimented each other amazingly.  The only difference in this is I used quinoa instead of barley because I was crunched for time.
Workout:  2 mile training run.


This run was hard.  My legs were hating me the entire time.  But, I managed to get it over with and was a sweaty mess at the end.  I attempted to do the weights workout back at my place, but as stated, it didn’t happen.  Instead I got to making dinner.
Meal 3:  Shrimp Tacos with Blueberry-Avocado Salsa and Cucumber Salad



This dinner.  Right.  Here.  I figured since I already chopped part of an avocado for lunch I should use it up before it turns.  I loved this meal.  Loved it.  The salsa was such a weird combo but worked really well.  I am not even going to say anything else.  Just make this already.  You’re welcome.
Snacks:  1 Laughing Cow Garlic & Herb wedge, 2 tbsp Wegmans Reduced Fat Peanut Butter

The rest of the week should be… interesting.  I completely forgot that Wednesday I have a tasting event at Yards right after work, so dinner is going to be whatever they have there.  I’m going to bring my running stuff and hit the treadmill for lunchtime since I have a tempo run planned anyway.  I may take tomorrow to prep a lot of stuff for the next few days to cut down on time.  I also need to figure out where to fit in my long run.  Do I get up WAY early Friday and run 9 before work?  Or, do I hope I’m not super tired from Imagine Dragons Friday night and run it before I get myself together for Made in America?  I really want to get it done before Sunday.  #halftrainingproblems

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