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Drinking tea can reduce the body fat

Posted Nov 27 2012 4:15pm
In recent years, a growing trend in the global obesity, because obesity is one of the causative factors of some chronic diseases, Hermes bag  therefore, the medical profession for the causes of obesity and weight loss Road considerable concern. The scientists believe that the causes of obesity in addition to genetic and endocrine factors, Hermes handbags outlet  many obesity is caused by excessive heat absorption and lack of exercise.

Tea body fat

Kung University Medical College in Taiwan New research indicates that the long-term tea body fat content of less than not drink tea,  Birkin bag hermes   drink tea more than body fat percentage in 10 years or even 20% less than the average person, less abdominal fat can be on 2.1%, the long-term effect of tea As for the women, Hermes constance  especially significant, percentage of body fat and abdominal fat, respectively, 30% and 5% less, Hermes wallets  from this study show, regarded as a healthy drink tea.

According to Taiwan's "Min Sheng Daily News" reported that the study was led by National Cheng Kung University Medical College, Hermes bearn wallet  Professor Chang CJ, National Cheng Kung University Medical College, Ministry of Family Medicine physician completed, this called "long-term tea on the proportion of body fat distribution study, recently published in the journal of the Obesity Research.

This study and, indirectly, Hermes belt  to explain why the tea will help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease suffer: that is, through improving the fat content and the degree of abdominal obesity due.

Family Medicine,  Hermes watch   National Cheng Kung University Medical College from 1998 to 2000, in the Tainan area sample of 1103 men and women over the age of 20 to be tested, and a week at least tea time, and up to six months, more than 437 people, considered to be long-term tea habits, the ratio of 42.9%.

Green tea, oolong tea significant effect

National Cheng Kung University Medical College, Hermes h watch  Dr. Wu to Taiwan media said the line for this study, subjects are measuring to bioelectronic resistance analyzer body fat, and weighed WHR to assess the distribution of abdominal fat, found that the exclusion living habits of factors that may affect changes in fat content, Hermes bangle  body fat percentage of long-term tea drinkers significantly less than tea by the proportion of abdominal fat (waist circumference and waist-hip ratio) less than not tea group, and tea accustomed to the longer,  cheap hermes jewelry   the effect is more obvious.

■ study also found that the average daily consumption of about 450CC tea can be effective,  Hermes boots   study drinking oolong tea and green tea, black tea, less, three tea has a certain effect, but the effect of green tea and oolong most significant, black tea, followed by the other teas because not in the scope of the study, with no way of knowing whether the same effects.

■ It is worth mentioning, Wu, also pointed out that the long-term tea may help reduce body fat percentage, Hermes shoes women  but not everyone is suitable, such as iron deficiency anemia tea meal would be inappropriate, so as not to hinder from food the absorption of iron, to tea to be elected in between meals;, insomnia or neurotic people as you want to select the time for tea, do not drink after the best dark, so as not to sleep at night.

Body fat, subcutaneous and liver and other parts of the accumulation of excess fatty substances. The report pointed out that the fat man, if long-term tea helps lose weight,  Boots of hermes   this is because tea contains caffeine, vitamins and other compounds, can promote fat digestion to remove the body of excess fat.
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