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Drink coffee, eat hamburgers double damage to health

Posted May 07 2013 6:56am
  All know that Western-style fast food is not very healthy, but the "Journal of Nutrition," published in the University of Guelph in Canada, a new study finds, drink coffee, eat Western fast food will double damage to health.
  Western-style fast food such as burgers, red bottom shoes on sale  fries, pizza contains a lot of fat. The study found that healthy by eating a high-fat diet, blood sugar levels inexorable rise, with caffeine intake can cause blood sugar increase doubled, reaching the level of blood sugar in diabetics. The results showed that saturated fat will hinder the body's ability to clear the blood of sugar,  cheap christian louboutin shoes   coffee intake cause such a risk is further increased, and the effect can be maintained for several hours. The long-term blood sugar levels harmful to human organ damage.
  Head of research, said the new study of metabolic diseases and type 2 diabetes at high risk of major significance. These people are not excessive intake of caffeine; try to eat less red meat, cheap louboutin outlet  processed food and Western-style fast food is recommended.
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