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Dr. Fuhrman’s Weekend Health Immersion

Posted Dec 04 2012 11:30am

Wow, what an incredible past several days I have had. I’m sorry I didn’t blog on my normal schedule yesterday, but it was crazy getting checked out of the hotel and on the road to come home. Also, I fully admit that I traded spending the time blogging yesterday morning for an hour in the hotel gym since I was going to be cooped up in the car all day; it just seemed like the right thing to do health-wise.

So, on Friday morning, I left off at the beginning of the conference . Rather than take you through every activity of the weekend, I am going to share some highlights with you in today’s post. Then, later this week, I’ll list some of the major points that I learned. I would be lying if I didn’t say that the food was a major highlight of this event; it was incredible! Each meal was served buffet-style and included a decked-out salad bar plus hot dishes, desserts and a fruit bar. Best of all, everything was made without added sugars, oils or too much salt. I was in heaven.

I hope you can read this okay, this was the menu for dinner on Friday:

Here are some photos from that meal:

I think one of my favorite dishes of the entire weekend was the sweet potato “lasagna.” I’m so glad I got to try this dish prepared properly, because it wasn’t made right at the Immersion in August . This version was gourmet and delicious:

I didn’t try the chocolate cake for dessert because of the stimulating effect on me when I eat cocoa too late in the day, but I was told it was wonderful. I did have this pumpkin pie served with ice cream made from bananas (they called it “ba-nilla” ice cream) on Saturday night, though:

After I tasted the outstanding crust on this pie, I ambushed politely asked the chef how he made it and he said the ingredients were simply almonds, dates, ground chia seeds and water. I am so going to try making this to go along with my pumpkin pie filling .

The salads over the course of the weekend were also fantastic, I loved having all types of toppings and fabulous dressings for each one:

Are you hungry yet? I am already missing this amazing food, but I am even more inspired to cook at home. On Sunday, we got several cooking demonstrations from Dr. Fuhrman and from Chef James, the man responsible for the fare over the weekend. I got a picture with this talented guy on Sunday after he changed out of his chef whites:

Dr. Fuhrman did most of the talking over the weekend, giving several lectures on topics including “Eat for Health and Eat to Live – Understanding the Core Concepts,” “Resolving Food Addiction to Solve America’s Health Care and Obesity Crisis,” No Heart Disease or Diabetes!,” “Super Immunity – Win the War on Cancer,” “Fitness, Weight Loss and Human Performance,” and “Nutritatrian Cooking and Meal Planning with Dr. Fuhrman.” It was a TON of valuable information and the room was full:

Remember when I talked to Dr. Fuhrman after my cancer diagnosis and he suggested I re-read his book Super Immunity for information to stay healthy? He signed my copy at the event:

In case you can’t read his doctor scribble, it says “Wishing you great health always.” We also got a picture together and I got to thank him in person for his support and encouragement:

A lot of people I talked to were surprised that I was looking so well being only 6 weeks out from surviving cancer. I attribute it fully to my healthy lifestyle influenced heavily by Dr. Fuhrman. I also had someone tell me that I look 16 years old (!) which just made me laugh since I am now decades away from my teenage years. Besides, I never, ever looked or felt as good as I do now when I was younger.

All in all, it was a great event filled with so much learning and camaraderie and I am so grateful I was able to attend. Due to a very busy schedule this week, I won’t be blogging again until Friday, but please come back then because I’ll be listing some of the information I learned at the event. Until then, have a happy, healthy week!


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