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double ewe tee eff

Posted Feb 19 2011 11:56pm
i realized i hadn't eaten many veggies this week, so i made sure that i packed some in for lunch today! i used leftover chicken to make a veggie packed salad

 in the salad was broccoli slaw (broccoli, carrots and cabbage), green pepper, spinach and mushrooms. i used some salsa as dressing. at first i didn't want it because i met my friends at armadillo grill for lunch and theirs looked waaaay better than mine. but then i remembered what the scale said , so i stopped thinking about queso and enjoyed my lunch!
while at lunch i also dropped my bottle of water on my pants. not awesome. my friend really wanted to take a picture 'for the blog'. i declined. it looked like i peed my pants. this is how i felt about sitting in wet pants the rest of the day
fun fact friday
i haven't talked much about my husband, so i will give you the short version of our beginning. we met while we were both in college (George Mason!) and working in a restaurant.  we started dating shortly after i worked there and moved in together 5 months later (my mom was thrilled). four years later we got engaged in boston on may 15th, 2008
yes, that is the real engagement.
 then a year after that we got married at the westfields marriott on March 21, 2009
   now we live in north carolina and are moving to HOTlanta this summer for his j-o-b. i guess somebody has to pay the bills.. i am holding out hope that i can make a living blogging and not get a job down there...
do you have any cool stories about how you and you significant other met? 
how long did you wait to move in together?
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