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Double Chocolate Chip Cookies dunked in thick hot chocolate!

Posted Jan 01 2011 12:00am

As soon as your read the words: low calories, no carbs, no sugars, RUN!

These are impossible diets that may show minimal changes to your weight but as soon as you are done with your 4 weeks of  mood swings and self torture, back come the kilos (with a vengeance I might add)!  There is no such thing as a quick solution when it comes to losing weight. There are plenty of programs you can try but they will not work unless you are 100% committed to make a lifestyle change.

The main reason why most of us never stick to our new years resolution, ‘to lose weight’, is because we forget what the word diet really means!  Losing weight is about living a healthy lifestyle, following a balanced diet and trying your utmost to increase your daily exercise. A diet should be a change of lifestyle, including food you enjoy eating and excercise you enjoy making time for, that does not end after a set number of weeks but puts you on the path to healthier habits and a new out look on life.

Some honest diet tips:

1. Just because it says diet on the packet doesnt mean it is healthier.

2. Water will never fail you. Drink as much as possible.

3. Think about the portions on your plate

4. Keep note of what you are eating. Read more on how to keep a food diary

5. Don’t be afraid to try a simple 24 hour detox , every so often

6. Treat the gym or your exercise class as ‘time out’. You do not need to spend a fortune on gym memberships you just need to keep focused.  My diet bible is Sound Mind Sound Body , by David Kirsch. I dont need the gym, these two keeps me on track. Read more about my personal experience with this book and Dvd

7.  Be realistic about your weight and give your body time. Take some time to understand your body, calculate your BMI

8. Think of foods in their natural forms. Fresh meats, poutry and vegetables.

9. Learn to enjoy the food you eat be it a block of dark chocolate or an apple. Eating is a pleasure of life

10. Learn to appreciate sweets and treat yourself occassionally.

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