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Dopey and Barry

Posted Mar 25 2013 12:00am

Has everyone heard of this new little wuss of a race called the dopey challenge ? I still really can’t believe that people are crazy enough to run four races in four days including a marathon. I guess it’s not like the western states or anything, but damn that’s a lot of back to back racing!

Just to recap the four easy steps to completing the challenge are:

Whew, that is a lot of running  (48.6 miles) and a lot of characters, and it’s also a lot of t-shirts and medals!  You’ll get 6 of each if you finish all four events, one for each of the races and one for the Goofey and Dopey Challenges.

While I love the idea of such a challenge, I don’t know if I am up for it.  The Goofey Challenge (half+full marathons) seems sufficient–and I’m not even ready for that yet. For now I’m just focusing on completely the 9+1!

In other running news, I went to Barry’s Bootcamp yesterday.  I’ve taken three classes and all have been totally different.  This class consisted of 3 segments of weights and 3 segments of running, each about 7-9 minutes.  While usually the running is harder, this time the weights were definitely harder.  I was lifting between 10-12 pounds in each hand throughout the class and I am feeling it today.  I’m impressed with how sore I am, it’s definitely an impressive workout. I get the cult following.

Tomorrow night is Rip Ride at Revolve and I hope to get to Uplift this week too!

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