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Don't eat smoked mussels if you're craving chocolate

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:50pm
Short post today because of the excessive amounts of studying that is piling up (a week from today and I'm finished exams!), but I wanted to share this with all of you- I thought you might appreciate it and be able to relate.

It's not too often I have a serious chocolate craving. And when I do, I usually assume that it's because my body needs a little extra sugar. So, when I felt my tummy rumbling today and wanted chocolate, I decided instead to try out the can of smoked mussels I'd bought.

I've never had smoked mussels before. But let me tell you, if it's chocolate you're after, mussels are just not going to cut it! I tried satisfying my sweet tooth with an apple, and then with yogurt and berries, and I even tried honey on bread- usually one of these will work. Nope. My body still wanted the chocolate. Luckily, there was a bar of dark chocolate in our house, so I satisfied my cravings with a few (okay, maybe a bit more than just a few...) squares of chocolate. I was very happy to finally have the chocolate, but also not very happy with the over-stuffed feeling from my unsuccessful attempts to diminish the craving.

Moral of the story? Even though usually when you're craving something it's because your body requires some kind of nutrient that can be found elsewhere, sometimes, you really just need that piece of chocolate. Today I learned that yes, I can swap an Aero bar for a bar of the more pure dark chocolate, but chocolate itself simply cannot be swapped for anything else. Maybe I was trying to listen a little too hard to my body!

What about you? Is there a particular treat that you like that absolutely cannot be replaced with anything else?
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