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Don't be A Food Freak and Obama Has Fat Kids?

Posted Feb 07 2010 4:50am
A Habit Free Week:
First and foremost this is a Habit Free week. Namely because I'm sick of writing about them for the time being and secondly because getting too caught up in your health and what you eat is really bad for your mental health. There's nothing fun about being a hypochondriac or googling your ailment of the day to see what plague you happen to be fighting in your mind this time....

I know the client who has something deadly every week. They're the parents who inoculate their children against bruises and crushes and avoid gluten just because it seems like the 'in' thing to do.

Being a Food Phobic Is Annoying
Being sick and being obsessed with health are really unattractive. Being put off by sick people i understand as it is connected to the bigger genetic survival of the fittest darwinism thing. We are programmed to back away from people wheezing and coughing up phlegm, it's self preservation at its most basic.

However people who are obsessed with looking good and health (eg constant workouts, crazy food regimes and generous helpings of botox and plastic surgery) and trust me more friends are doing botox than you would ever guess....are not fun. There is something about always being careful, and making sure you look fab every moment of every day, that seems to suck fun from your core.

Case in point Posh Spice, she may look good to some (although kind of scary) but she doesn't look fun. Men seem to dig Nicole Kidman (still don't get that one) but really fun? No that girl is not fun. Cameron Diaz looks fun - she can make fun of herself and still be hot. I bet Cameron will eat burgers, I don't think Posh allows a burger in her zip code.

Fun is a big deal for me.
If people aren't fun to be with i kind of wonder what's the point. I'm the person who says they need to go to the washroom during a dinner party and never returns. I've escaped because if I don't leave i'm going to poke my eyes out with a fork to up the entertainment ante, or start a fight to at least create a distraction. As a nutritionist it has become obvious that people can focus so much on being healthy... that they suck to be around. Sorry really healthy people but it can be true.  Saying no to absolutely everything whether it's food, sex, or wrap music is bad for your soul and social fun status.

Eat Some Chocolate and Make Your Mind Ass Connection Happy:
I think eating well most of the time is important I also think dairy is mostly bad for you (80% of the world population has an intolerance of dairy) yet that doesn't seem to stop me from thinking whip cream and chocolate can be great food accompaniments to foreplay. 'Tis the sex season with valentines and all and the truth is if you become a food freak and won't allow yourself any leeway, then life tends to lose a little bit of the fun times.

Have some Pie
I work out frequently so I can eat some pie now and then I love strawberry rhubarb pie and drink wine and gin and tonics when the fancy strikes. I also eat greens at almost every meal so when I eat the giant burger with pickles I feel okay about the whole thing. The truth of the matter is that I've stopped really thinking about what I eat, I just eat. Because when i did think about it alot I was a totally annoying non fun person.

Apologies to everyone who had to deal with me during my schooling.

I'm serious. One thing I haven't talked about is the mind ass connection, and it's major. When you are stressed, angry, pissed off, and tired your body knows.

 I know you think drinking 18 coffees and having a pack of smarties on the way to the meeting tells your body you're doing awesome, but the truth is your body can see through lies like your hairdresser can see through your 'real color'. You can't lie to your body. It knows when you're falling apart even if you look great in the mirror. And too much healthy with a rigid attitude can wreak havoc on your mental stress.

So start having some fun and eat well most of the time but for the sake of your sanity and your fun score rating don't become a food freak.

30 Rock Rocks
Love Tina Fey and love the show. This week she was trying to tackle her junk food addiction and the label of her favorite chips said, "Made in a factory where real food is made." F*cking brilliant. Food labels are awesome and really there are some great ones. I once found a deodorant label in my husband's travel bag that said, "No recommended for people with kidney disorders."
Smells like spring but it might cause kidney failure - that's my type of product.

Here are some of my fav food labels
Want some jussi pussi?

I know I'm digressing... anyway the point is we all have something like m and m's or gummy bears or potato chips that we really like.

That's okay. It doesn't make us bad people, on occasion it might even make us fun. Don't eat them every day, don't even eat them every other day. Once a week is manageable and don't sweat it or over do it.

Obama Has Fat Kids?
Well apparently a few months ago Mrs. President Michelle goes to the pediatrician and is told that her kids BMI is too high. Hmm. okay well I was wondering firstly how high was her BMI? Why put it all on her kids?

There are quite a few heavy people in North America. Obesity is definitely on the rise. That being said when I look at the Obama children I don't think, hey those are fat kids. Nope generally I think wow so polite and nice clothes. So here's the thing. I don't believe the story. I think Michelle probably made it up or her BMI was high (and no I don't think she's fat nor do I think she's missed a bunch of meals either), but she decided to 'create' this issue so that her family was just like everyone else in America.

Here's the thing though. It might have been a wise political move, not so great on the parental front. My father loves to make comments, he is rather famous for them. He once joked that my sister had fat ankles, that was decades ago, and she still checks her ankles in the mirror. When I was pregnant he told me I had the build of an American woman. That in dad british dark humor speak meant I looked like a fat slob.

When a stranger says it, you can roll it off, forget about it. When a parent says it, it requires years of therapy and a chakra realignment. When a parent announces it at a press conference.... well I'd be very very careful if I was Michelle because those girls look smart, and smart girls can be really sneaky when they are motivated. Being publicly humiliated by a mother will not be forgotten. Trust me.

BMI, Wasit to Hip Ratios and Other Forms of Torture:
Calculations that can be used on every single person on the planet to judge if you're a fat bastard don't generally work. I'm a prime example of this. I was told a waist to hip ratio would be a good indicator of my health, because the larger your waist in relation to your hips the more likely you are to apparently drop dead of a variety of diseases. So I did the calculation. Remember I work out 5-6 times a week, and eat mostly fantastic. I weight around 124 pounds and am 5 feet 7 inches. I have a boyish figure which is a kind way of saying i really don't have hips or a waist, -it all kind of blends. Which means there isn't much of a difference between the two measurements. So with my online calculation I was told I was in the obese category and should speak to a doctor about losing weight.

Awesome calculation. Besides cutting off a limb I don't think I'm getting any lighter. So whether you're Sasha Obama or John Doe or me, realize that it doesn't take a calculation for you to know if you're fat or unhealthy. All you really need to do is look in the mirror or perhaps ask yourself when you last moved or ate a vegetable. You know if you feel good or feel like shit, and you don't need a online calculation or a doctor to tell you.

Keep on having fun and yes eating your fibrous vegetables, drinking your water with lemon, but this week have a drink, have a few chips or a gummi bear.

Notice I didn't say bag of chips or bag of gummi bears - moderation is key.

Have a happy ass week and try to have some fun!


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