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Don’t You Hate It When…

Posted Nov 14 2011 2:50pm

You get stuck behind someone out on a leisurely drive on a Sunday (or heck; any day)… and you’ve got places to be and people to see. (You know.. VIP STYLE ;) )


Don’t you hate it when every time there is the dotted line that allows you to pass said slow driver; there are ALWAYS cars coming the other way? But when there is no passing allowed.. the road is empty.  Murphy’s Law.



Don’t you hate it when you tell yourself you HAVE to get gas or you won’t make it to work tomorrow. And then you get into your car and realize you forgot to get that gas.. and now you have to stop at the gas station and potenetially be late.  Oh; and is is either a. Freezing Cold with high winds; b. Pouring rain with high winds; or c. so hot you can see those squiggly lines coming off of the pavement…



Don’t you hate it when you rush in the door to go to the bathroom.. and feel so relived when you get to the toilet.  And when you reach for toilet paper, there is none on the roll. Or under the sink.



Don’t you hate with when you make a delicious lunch to bring to work.. and as you are walking in to your building.. you realize you are a lunch bag short.  And that lunch bag is sitting on the counter at home?


Don’t you hate it when you forget both the above mentioned lunch.. AND you wallet?  I know I do.


Don’t you hate it when you forgot that you were too lazy to take the clothes out of the dryer to fold them.. until you go to put the next load of wet clothes into the dryer?



Don’t you hate it when you forget a crucial part of your workout gear when you go to the gym (i.e., socks, sneakers, or pants of some sort).



Don’t you just LOVE how these things … really aren’t things to hate at all?  While they are all frustrating when actually occuring, truth be told these things really aren’t that bad at all! And looking back on the numerous times each of these things have happened to me.. is actually quite comic! :)



And do you know what I love even more?!!  The fact that I am hosting #FITBLOG tonight!!  Come join in for a chat on keeping motivated to stay healthy during the cold winter months! (This will surely increase my motivation regarding yesterday’s post!)


Speaking of yesterday’s post… thanks for all of your comments. A lot of you told me not to be too hard on myself. And yes.. I do agree that maybe I should lighten up.  I’ve always been hard on myself.. with EVERYTHING. School especially. Perfectionism.. really isn’t all that great. But thanks, as always for your love!

If you haven’t joined a #FITBLOG chat before.. they are awesome. The moderator (ME tonight) asks four questions.  Everyone repsonds.. and we all discuss answers while learning lots of new things! So.. 9:00pm EST tonight.. come join us! (Yep.. I’ll be up past my bed time fo sho!)





What is something that YOU hate?

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