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Don’t Shake Your Salt Shaker

Posted Apr 22 2010 12:00am

Today wrecked a bit of havoc on both my diet and exercise regimen. The PA that I work with called out sick today and our doctor had to leave for a meeting in the ‘burbs at 2p. Meaning: crazy morning of double booked appointments and working through lunch. Not that I ever get a lunch break, but theres usually at least a solid 30 minutes without patients that I can get caught up and just have some quiet time. Not so today. “Lunch” or lack there of consisted on whatever snacks I had stored up. I had a small organic gala apple, approx. 6 whole wheat pretzel sticks, a small dollop of pbutter, a banana Stoneyfield FV yogurt and 5 blackberries. This was consumed between 11:30-2, along with about 3 bottles of water to try and curb my growling hunger. Talk about unbalanced. I could’ve done without the major chaos of the morning and was pretty tired by the time 4p rolled around. I decided to make a quick run to my favorite shopping center for a quick pick me up. Of course, it started to rain on my walk home which scratched any hope of running tonight. I decided to treat myself to some pasta for dinner. And came up with this:

Rice flour pasta with sauteed shrimp, asparagus, pees, sun dried tomatos and goat cheese. And a simple plate of lettuce (because I really just wanted to crack into my bottle of Annie’s Organic Goddess dressing).

I had never tried rice flour pasta before. I’ve cooked the asian version multiple times, but was pleasantly surprised at the spaghetti. It was a little bit sticky but had a similar texture to wheat pasta and there was really no taste to it. Have you ever tried quinoa pasta before? Its pretty fantastic but is super delicate and doesn’t stand up well with sauces. After my long day I decided to treat myself to the rest of my Cyclops raspberry froyo topped with a little Nature’s Path granola.

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I did manage to get in some reading during the last hour at work and came across this article about salt levels in food. Remember yesterday’s post about salt levels? I think that limiting the amount of sodium in processed foods and restaurant meals would be beneficial to the health of this country. It truly amazes me to watch people shake and shake and shake salt on their food. I don’t even have salt in my salt shaker right now. Maybe I have some adverse taste buds to salt but I, personally, dont want my food to taste like the dead sea. I know sodium is especially beneficial for anyone who does large amounts of aerobic exercise, but I’d be willing to guess that with the amount of cheese and nut butters that I consume in a day, I get my share. Not to mention that it is also in my english muffins, cereal, and pretty much anything else that doesn’t come directly out of the ground. How much salt do you add to your food?

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