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Don’t Panic! It Really Is OK To Eat Sugar.

Posted Apr 10 2011 7:14pm

I’m wondering when the day will come when we stop jumping on the latest diet or ‘food elimination’ band wagon?  I’m genuinely wondering.  History tells us that diet and weight loss companies, being the money making machines they are, will continue to try and get us to change what we eat for no other reason than to line their pockets.  Are they in this to help people improve their general health and wellbeing? 

They say they are but really, unless they are actually telling people NOT to diet and find ways to incorporate a healthy balance of all foods into our lives, they’re selling a complete lie.  And a lie that doesn’t work by the way, which of course we all realistically know.  Why?  Because diets don’t work – the hard core research tells us so over and over and over again.  But, we keep falling for it and the case in point at the moment is sugar.  Everywhere I turn celebrities, Mum’s groups and trainers are talking about the ‘evils’ of sugar.  It’s bad.  It’s making us fat.  It’s poison. 

But how is this different to any other fad diet or push that… Read the rest

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