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Don’t look them directly in the eye!

Posted Mar 12 2010 12:00am

This morning I walked out of my apartment building and stopped dead in my tracks- absolutely terrified.  I was confronted.  By these bad boys: I hate geese.  They scare me.  I think it’s because they’re so damn uppity and don’t give a crap.  Have you ever had to stop your car for geese crossing the road?  They. Do. Not. Care.  I swear at some  point they stop and look at me and are like, “whatcha gonna do about it biatch??”  And I’ve heard stories.  My mom said she grew up with a lot of geese around and sometimes they’d start to chase you.  Uhhh… chase you?  Oh my god! 

So I walk out and they’re just standing there blocking my way.  And won’t move.  So I just keep standing there not sure what to do.  Should I try and scare them?  Do they bite?  I don’t want them to chase me!  Finally, they sauntered off to the side enough for me to slip by unharmed.  Thank goodness.  But as soon as I got through, they posted up to blocking the walkway again.  Probably enjoying terrifying all the residents.  Great.  This better not be a morning ritual from now on.  Otherwise, I’m gonna have to start getting crafty…

It was another rainy morning for me yesterday.  Apparently Wichita was experiencing rain and stormy weather as well.  Ashlee’s flight got delayed because of lightning.  So I didn’t get to pop over and meet her for lunch after all.  :(   But that’s ok.  Sunday afternoon through Tuesday morning are dedicated to quality Ashlee/Amy time.  I can’t wait! 

I was taking care of some errands and such after work, so I got home later than usual.  But I still managed to squeeze in The Shred.  The leg wasn’t really telling me not to, so Level 3 it is.  Do you know what walking pushups are?  They’re torture.  But I kinda like them.  Rockstar jumps repetitively?  Not so much.  And sorry Jillian, I can’t do a jumping lunge for the life of me.  But, I will however, top the beginner adaption by doing regular lunges but with weights in hand.  Take that!  I’m not doing the beginner because I’m slacking, but simply because my coordination is not up to par.  Yet. 

Of course this means I’ll be catching up on Grey’s Anatomy tonight with my usual glass of Trader Joe’s wine in hand.  I sound soooooo disappointed, right?  :)   I’m planning for a lazy night because I have another friend in the city for a little work and play, so I’ll be heading downtown on Saturday night to hang out with some of the good ol’ Mizzou kids!  As I’m sure many of you know, college friends in town for the weekend = crazy weekend shenanigans you need to be properly rested for. 

Will I work out before said relaxing night?  I plan to at least do another round of The Shred.  At this point in the morning, I would say I may do a little running or elliptical, but I’m not sure.  It all depends on how I feel after walking around all day.  hmmm.

Well, we made it to Friday.  Good work, kids.  I don’t know about you, but this week seemed to be a slow one.  And what do I do after miserably slow weeks?  I make dessert oatmeal.  Yes I do.  I’m that girl who thinks a little chocolate goes a long way.  Why?  Because it freakin’ does! Oatmeal, TJ’s almond butter mixed in, coconut, a little Special K for texture, and Trader Joe’s white chocolate chips!  By the way, if you haven’t picked up on it, I make breakfast my time for comfort food… :)   Along with some green tea, of course.  I can’t believe my mom never let me have chocolate for breakfast.  And I can’t believe I never thought to use white chocolate chips vs. semi sweet chips?  It was lovely!  Of course it was much sweeter than I am used to (the almond butter vs. peanut butter also adds to that factor).  I think I took care of my sweet craving for the day- very early on. So that’s pretty neat.

How do you do your oatmeal?  Plain?  Savory?  Sweet?  Mine becomes a monster creation on most days, but it seems to work well for me.  I usually get through the morning until lunch without much hunger.  I think it’s the nut butter that gets me through.  Maybe it’d be smart to break up the hours between breakfast and lunch with a snack, but this works just fine for me.  And that’s what matters, right?  I feel like everyone’s different in this category…

Ok, time to wrap this up and get myself moving.  Have a good weekend everyone!  And I won’t lie- I’m a little jealous of all the springbreakers out there… so enjoy!

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