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Don’t Judge a Fitness Instructor by her Warm Up..

Posted Dec 15 2010 2:42pm

Actually. The verdict is still out on that one. I had the opportunity yesterday to check out a 12:15pm Total Body Conditioning class at the New York Sports Club on 14th in NYC. Typically, if I’m taking a class at NYSC, it’s either early morning or after work hours. I was interested in seeing what the crowd would be like, but had an idea of what the class would entail. I’ve taken Total Body Conditioning before at 36th and Madison, which runs as a standard weights, steps and abs type class.

First, the room was boiling. Apparently, the heating system was on the fritz. Nancy, our instructor, suggested doing a sports stretching class instead, but none of us showed up to just stretch. We wanted muscle-burning. Nancy instructed us to put all weights above 3 pounds back in the buckets. “I only use 3 pounds weights in this class…women are not just small men.” I see where this is going. As she flipped on the Rihanna and told us to start flapping our “bat wings” (her words, not mine) and shaking our butts, I thought Nancy might have sipped a little too much of the Tracy Anderson juice. That or she was reliving her hey-days as a former Pussycat Doll. We went through about 2 or 3 hip hop songs shaking our butts, flapping our arms and rotating our rib cages.

“And that’s how you should always warm up.” She proclaimed, 15 minutes already passed. To disclaim, I have no problems with Tracy Anderson’s workouts. I have a few of her DVDs and even her book. But I haven’t yet grasped the idea that flapping my arms and using super light weights will turn me into a Supermodel. The verdict is also out on that one. I see a fitness experiment brewing…

But, I got to hand it to her. After many, many repetitions my arms were burning. And then we dropped to the floor to do a mix of moves that can only be described as a hybrid of Pilates, dance and Jane Fonda. And my butt was burning. The next day? Sore.

The conclusion? So, I probably wouldn’t jump at the chance to take this class again, but I’m happy that the body of the class turned out much more challenging than the warm up. I liked Nancy’s different take on total body conditioning, but I felt like the class was awkward and didn’t motivate me until more than half way in. But, the moral of this post is that fitness should be fun and varied. Was I surprised? Yes. Did I feel like a goof? Yes.

But if you can’t be goofy while getting a good butt, what’s the point anyway.

P.S. Here’s an ab move I found while Googling “Tracy Anderson Images.” Enjoy

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