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Dogfish Dash 2013

Posted Nov 02 2013 9:45pm

A little over a month ago, I returned to my beloved state of Delaware for my fourth run of the Dogfish Dash 10K.  This race is one of my favorites of the year, not only because it’s in my home state (as well as the lovely region of Slower Lower) but also because it’s got great beer afterwards!  I had done a bit of running after the Rock’n'Roll, but nothing overly crazy since I was mostly focusing on playing soccer.  I traveled down Saturday to my mom’s and on the way swung by the brewpub in Rehoboth to grab my packet.  I made pretty good timing and the pub was full of the usual excitement and crowd of people trying to eat there.  I never try to eat there this weekend, it’s just impossible and having family at the beach means I can go any other time of year.

This year a new addition to the goodie bag was a large pint glass (I forgot to take a pic).  You can win your way to my heart in any race that hands out free beer items, that’s for sure.  After I got my tee and other stuff, I continued to my mom’s to hang out for the night.  I didn’t make any plans to visit anyone else or do anything and just enjoyed a nice, relaxing evening at home with ma dukes. Sunday I was up and out the door with plenty of time to get to the race.

The race started promptly at 9:30am (an hour later than previous years).  I forgot to bring headphones which would have made the running a little bit better.  They changed the course slightly to prevent the bottleneck that happens over a footbridge in the town of Milton.  There was an awesome crowd and collection of costumes out for the race that weekend.  I felt pretty good the first couple miles, but the hills got me more this year than in the past.  You forget Delaware even has them (they aren’t crazy but still), and yet they’re there and somehow the race planners always find them.  The new course seemed like a few more were added than usual, but maybe I was just tired.  I walked through some of the water stations and the sun definitely made the race seem hotter than the temp said it was.  I was red-faced a lot of the time, which isn’t terribly unusual for me. Winking smile   I wasn’t planning to PR this time around and just wanted to enjoy a nice run followed by tasty beer.  At about mile 5 I heard someone yelling for me and spotted my mom.  She made her way up so she could watch me finish.  I don’t have many spectators at most of my races, so when someone can make it out it really bumps my mood up.  I swear hearing her shouting for me carried me that last mile.  I crossed this finish in 53:08, not a PR but definitely my second fastest 10K time at that point.  I was happy to be done and have an overall good race.


The post race celebration was already rolling along when I was done.  Last year the beer lines were long but moved fast and I think this year it got slow again from the increase in runners.  This is something that seems to work one year, then not work too well the next.  I wonder if it’s going to get to a point where they have a separate beer station for runners.  I actually sat in line with two loud-mouthed guys who kept bitching that if there weren’t all these runners they could enjoy more beer.  It’s douchey people like that that ruin a good thing.  I wish it wouldn’t have to go that way, but honestly I just ran 6.2 miles in the morning, you did nothing, sir, but stand around and be crap company.  I felt sorry for any friends he was there with.

So that was the 10K in a nutshell.  I got my rounds of beer, bought some stuff at the store, then went home to nap and enjoy my mom’s leftovers.  I managed to run into a few friends before leaving and it was a pretty solid weekend overall.  I’m definitely going to be back again as many times as I can get in and register.  If you love beer and love running, this is a race you need to add to your rounds.  You won’t regret it, especially since Delaware is really awesome in the Sept off-season!

And to close out, a few pics from the race.  I rocked my Blerch shirt again.  Smile





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