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Dog park identity crisis

Posted Apr 20 2010 11:55am

Tessa is still a puppy, but she is a big dog.  The problem is, she has an identity crisis.  She seems to think she is a small dog

Tessa is not a fearful dog.  She’s not really afraid of loud noises or other animals.  She’s certainly not afraid of any people.  There are just two things that she is afraid of:

  1. The garage.  Not sure why, but we’re working on that one.
  2. Other big dogs

At the foster house she lived at before we adopted her, she had lots of doggie friends that lived there too.  However, they were all small dogs – she was by far the biggest.  Her daily playmates were pugs, Chihuahuas, terriers and teeny puppies.  As far as I know, she was never really around any dogs her size or bigger.  So, understandably, she is not used to them and is scared.

For the past five days, we have taken her to the dog park near our house every day.  The park has two sides – a side for the BIG dogs and a side for the little dogs.  Guess which one Tessa always wants to go into?  The first time we took her, I expected her to go crazy.  All the free space to run around and play!  She has so much energy, I thought she would love being with the other dogs. 

But she’s scared.  She wanders around the outer edges of the park, watching the other dogs but afraid to approach them.


And she always gravitates towards the bench where the people sit.  She loooooves people.  Plus, the bench is right next to the small dog park, so she can look at all the small dogs she wishes she could play with.


When I make her get off the bench, she usually just goes underneath it.



A few times she has been approached by some other dogs, and has played a little bit.


But so far, she mostly keeps to herself.


I hope this is just nerves since she is new to the dog park.  Hopefully if we continue to take her and she gets more used to it, she will love it and learn to have big dog friends!  After all, she still has a lot of growing to do and she is going to be BIG!

But look… training class is paying off!

JB and Mendy are closer than ever and enjoy watching Tessa do her tricks.


Enough animal talk.  Be back in a little with some other topics!

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