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Does Zerona Have an Impact on Your Body?

Posted May 08 2013 6:41pm


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To many individuals across US, losing weight is a favorite pastime. For a country, which is the most obese in the whole world, people spend a lot of money to get slim.

What is Zerona? In the weight loss industry, driven by a lot of profits and desperation, Zerona (detailed report can be found here ) is quickly making a name for itself. It is a relatively cold laser treatment, which has been licensed for several plastic surgery clinics across US. This technique assures the users that it will help in slimming and shaping their body without any need for cutting. It also promises to not use approaches similar to liposuction for getting the desired results. Once the laser starts working on the targeted fat cells, fat gets released into the body system and then excreted out of it.

What are the Reviews Saying about Zerona? There are lots of morning shows on different channels, which are talking about Zerona. One of the reviews on the shows has revealed the following information:

It is going to produce desired effect on a person, who is fairly fit and obsessing about getting rid of small yet hard-to-remove fat areas. For a size-4 woman who is looking to get down to size-2, Zerona itself will not work well. If the technique is supported by a bit of exercise and a healthy diet, you can squeeze into your desired dress. However, experts recommend that you should not try too hard by including liposuction methods in order to accelerate results. Since Zerona doesn’t involve breaking the skin, a lot of people are giving it a shot.

What are the Critics Saying about Zerona? There are many out there on the internet raising complaints against Zerona. They say that it is ineffective. Such procedures can receive complaints, mainly due to a couple of reasons:

Firstly, you would find that there is a lot of variability amongst bodies of different patients. Different bodies react differently to similar procedures. Such treatments require a patient to drink a lot of water following the procedure. It helps in flushing out the fat from the body. It also requires the involved patient to cut down on the fat intake from their regular diet and exercising more. Patients, who follow such a regime, might not require treatment in the first place.

Secondly, there is no doubt that medical spas are there to make money and not turning down any possible opportunity to generate revenue. They readily take patients for the treatment, even though the individual might not be the best candidate for Zerona or Liposuction. Most of these cases have too much of weight on their body, where treatments like Zerona proves ineffective. And in other cases, where there is little fat to lose, those patients do not wish to carry on the diet and exercise regime, which is a necessity for the treatment to produce the desired effect.

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