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Does ripened fruit have more calories and sugars than unripened fruit?

Posted Jul 27 2011 4:30am

The other day I was eating a banana and was having a conversation with a friend about how we like to eat ours. I used to like mine with a hint of green but now I fancy the sweeter perfectly yellow ones. Then he asked me if I thought a yellow banana had more sugar and calories than a greener banana.

At first thought, I was like, can fruits even “gain calories” after it is picked off of a tree? Then I was like well the yellow banana must have more sugar than the green one because it TASTES sweeter obviously. But then I was like but wait, sweeter means more sugar and more sugar means more calories. So I was totally stumped.

I looked all over the internet for an answer and the best answer came from Hungry Girl :

”I’ve searched high and low, and have found no evidence that suggests that really ripe fruit contains more calories than less ripe fruit. But, wait! Don’t bite into that squishy brown banana just yet. Though ripeness doesn’t affect a fruit’s calorie count, it does affect the amount of sugar it contains. The more ripe a fruit is, the more concentrated its sugars become. The bottom line is; snacking on super-sweet fruit raises your insulin levels — which will cause you to be hungry again more quickly. Even worse, high insulin levels cause your body to go into fat-storage mode. Eeek!”

Okay but don’t get scared! Eat the banana how you like it. If you only eat 1 banana a day (which most of us do) it is not enough to raise your insulin levels so high that you’ll go into fat storage mode. Remember to not just hone in on the banana, look at everything else you are consuming too. If you’re using a ripe banana in oatmeal because you don’t use any other sweeteners, then you’re probably not using very much sugar in other meals either! (That’s my guess…) At the end of the day, what matters is this: did you enjoy your food and did you eat healthfully for yourself and your goals? I hope so ;)

Question for you!!! How do you guys like your bananas from 1-7 - Green or yellow?


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