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Does it really matter what kind of water bottle you drink from?

Posted by Kimbally

I've been thinking...With all of the food perservatives, chemicals, pollution we breathe...all of this that goes into our bodies...does it really matter what kind of water bottles we drink from?  What is the real danger?  And is there a difference between stainless steel and aluminum water bottles?  I know that stainless steel is more expensive, but why? 

I've been thinking about purchasing some water bottles and filling them with tap water.  Is this what should be done to stay healthy?  And how healthy will you remain if you do this as opposed to drinking from plastic bottles?

I would like to know before making an investment and would appreciate any insight.

Thank you!


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Research says that keeping water in plastic bottles causes it to leach. Leaching means that some of the chemicals of the plastic enter the water. Of these particles BPA or Bisphenol A are leached which may cause breast cancer and uterine cancer in women and prostate cancer and decreases testosterone in men. To read more of its effects check

Now if you really want Eco Bottles - bottles that are re-usable and safe, look
at what this company has going on.  The glass bottles are dark violet and only
let in the high energy spectrum of light that energizes the water and keeps
out the normal light frequencies which have negative effects on water.  You
can wash them out with vinegar or acidic water and they never leach!
They have non-breakable bottles made of resin and they are BPA-Free
and don't leach plastic (because they are made of resin).  They come in
2.2 liter size with an attached stainless steel cap or in one gallon sizes.
And low prices -

We owe it to our children and our Planet to look at all options!

Be well.


People are more concern about their health but do we have the same concern for the health of our environment? Plastic bottles are one of those things that makes up our garbage or plastic things for that matter. We all know that it will takes more than hundred years before a single bottle decompose. So have you ever imagine if we throw at least one plastic bottle a day without making sure it will be recycled? Imagine this. A lot of people haven't heard about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is basically a patch of garbage, mostly decomposing plastic, in the Pacific Ocean, in the middle of the North Pacific Ocean Gyre – a gyre is an ocean area that several currents collide in to form a circular area – that is estimated to be up to twice the size of Texas.   It is awful scenes like it that would make conservation and recycling seem worth some short term loans at least to vamp up.  The size of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch  will take a lot more than payday loans no faxing to clean up, and we must take better care of this earth.

What does this mean, BPA free?

You are right. I just care if they are BPA free. I bought some water bottles from They came out very nice. They even have free shipping.



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