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Does Cellulaze Treatment Involve Any Risks?

Posted Dec 24 2012 5:28am

Cellulaze is an innovative workstation for cellulite removal that has been introduced by Cynosure. It is used in various reputable plastic surgery facilities all across the globe. With this workstation, lasting cellulite reduction treatment is ensured. In this cellulite treatment, cellulite is targeted at the source, addressing the causes that lie beneath the skin. A single treatment is enough for providing impressive results. Generally, these results last for more than a year.


Effective and Safe Cellulaze Treatment


Since Cellulaze treatment is a minimally invasive one, not much soreness, discomfort or pain is involved. Only tiny incisions are required that are hardly visible when healed completely. In this device, the SideLaze3D TM technology is used for melting the trapped fat pockets that lie beneath the skin, causing the much dreaded cottage cheese appearance. Simultaneously, there is release of the fibrous tissue bands that create the dimpling effect by pulling down the skin. This treatment also works to improve the production of collagen. Owing to this, the thickness of the skin is increased along with its elasticity. Thus, a smoother look is provided. Completion of the entire process would not take more than 1.5 hours; the treatment is carried out after administering local anesthesia to the patient. Patients can stay fully awake during the procedure.


You needn’t have any concerns about this procedure which has been approved by the FDA. It is known for offering long lasting results. Cellulaze treatment has proven to be a very effective and a safe one, as per clinical studies. There is a considerable improvement in the appearance of cellulite over a year. Side effects are minimal. The treatment is popular because there is no disruption caused in your lifestyle. There is no need of staying away from other duties since there is practically no downtime. Studies show that 93 percent of the patients expressed their satisfaction and happiness with the results even 1 year after this procedure.


Apart from getting rid of the cellulite, the procedure brings about an improvement in the quality of the skin.


Find a Professional, Reliable Surgeon


Cellulite treatment should be obtained from a surgeon who is qualified to offer the procedure. In addition, the treatment should be provided at a plastic surgery center that has received accreditation from the AAAASF. The FDA approved Cellulaze workstation should be utilized for cellulite removal. If a surgeon is knowledgeable, trained and experienced, you can rest assured that you will receive all the benefits of this treatment.

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