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Does breast cancer hurt?

Posted Feb 12 2013 2:47pm

A common misconception people have is that breast cancer always hurts, and that if they find a lump or another abnormality in the breast area and it doesn’t hurt it is OK, so the question is – does breast cancer hurt?

The answer is that in most cases, breast cancer doesn’t hurt, not in the early stages at least. This is why medical attention should be sought at the slightest doubt that there may be something wrong after performing a self examination or noticing a strange sign in the breast or around it, just to overrule the possibility that it may actually breast cancer.  If you wait for the lump to start hurting it may be too late, but if you suddenly feel pain in the breast or the breast area, it is probably something else, so don’t panic – just go to see a doctor.

During the self-inspections every woman should do at least once a month, any kind of hard lump in the breast or the armpit, which has uneven edges, any other change in the breast texture or the nipple, discharge from the nipple or a pain, redness and fever of the breast needs to be addressed and checked up by a doctor as soon as possible. As with any other type of cancer and serious health problem, the early the diagnosis – the better chances of successful treatment and recovery.

The medical answer to the question does breast cancer hurt?

Medical specialists have answered this common question- “does breast cancer hurt?” with a negative answer, claiming that breast cancer doesn’t usually hurt in the first stages, because of its slower growth.

Even though nobody likes to be in pain, pain is actually a good thing when speaking of early signs and early diagnosis.  With breast cancer, this is usually not the case though.  There are various other symptoms which occur before any pain is felt in case of breast cancer.  Of course, there are cases when pain can be felt even in the early stage of breast cancer, so don’t wave away any kind of persistent pain you may have in the breast area.

The key to staying safe is to perform regular self examinations and watch your body for any troubling signs or symptoms, and don’t delay your visit to the doctor’s if you have any reasons to feel you may have some sort of health problem and breast cancer.

Some possible causes of pain in the breast include a benign growth or cyst, which can be caused by hormonal change or stimulation especially during puberty or perimenopause and menopause.  These can usually be removed with minor surgery in case they have grown too big.

The early signs that you may have some form of breast cancer include other not so obvious signs including experiencing a redness, itch or soreness in the breasts.  A change in the texture can be visible, including blue or purple areas similar to bruises, redness or an uneven texture similar to cellulite.

Itchy and red breasts and nipples can also be a sign of possible inflammatory breast cancer. The change of the size and shape of the breast can also be a sign that there is a cancerous tumor, which is why experts recommend the self examinations be performed in front of a mirror, or for women to study their breasts in front of a mirror to spot any visible worrying changes.

Another not so well-known symptom of possible breast cancer is a persistent pain in the upper back particularly in between the shoulder blades, ribs and spine.

Swelling and painful hard lumps in the armpit area are another symptom of breast cancer people should be aware about.

A change in the nipples, especially if they look and feel flattened and even inverted can also be a sign of breast cancer. Skin changes in the nipples, including scaly skin, crusts or any sort of discharge should also be a factor to be concerned about.

So, now that you have an answer to the common question “does breast cancer hurt”, you are advised to not wait until you feel pain and to practice regular self examinations and medical examinations as prophylactics and to ensure that in case you are affected by this disease, early diagnosis is performed.

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