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Does Airborne work?

Posted by Dave K.

Airborne settle a lawsuit today alleging false advertising for $23 million. They didn't actually admit that Airborne's supplements don't fight colds, but they did settle. Do you think airborne works?
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I've had people tell me to take it before flights, insisted that it would do me good. I listened, once. I mixed some lemon-flavored powder in a bottled of water. Very bad idea. Truthfully, it was GROSS. With a capital G-R-O-S-S.

Here's a link to an article about the settlement on

It sounds like that stuff would do about as much to prevent colds and protect you from germ invested places as a delicious concoction of green tea, Gatorade, and Flinstones vitamins. (I'd bet the resulting stomach sickness would be comparable though).

My one experience with Airborne was that it made me ill in the stomach, and, while I didn't get a cold, I'm not ready to attribute that to the half bottle of lemon powder water I drank. I have a serious problem with companies, especially those claiming that their product benefits your health, that lie to their customers. If people feel they've been wronged, I hoped they take advantage of the refund being offered.

Not quit sure if it really worked or it acted more of a placebo effect, but I've used it when others around me are getting sick and I want to boost my immune system. I didn't think it was "G-R-O-S-S", but it's not great. Recently I have been using natural supplements, such as elderberry.
I like emergen-C myself. I've used Airborn. I thought it helped with a sore throat, but that could have just been the carbonation...

I've tried airborne and haaaaaaaaaated it. I find its claims overblown.

 But like Candice I do like emergen-C. I take it before family gatherings and other group activities. 

I know a lot of people who swear by it.  I personally am a big believer in Vitamin C.  I take 1000 mg a day because I think it truly helps boost your immune system...especially in the winter.
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