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Doctored Up

Posted Feb 07 2013 9:46pm

I’m feeling a lot better than I did earlier in the week. It’s surprising since I had a restless night of sleep, but I chalk it up to the run I took this morning. I set my alarm for 6am so I would get up and go to BodyPump, but since I hadn’t slept well I hit snooze and slept for another hour. Don’t you hate when you can’t sleep the whole night and then when the alarm goes off you realize you’ve been sound asleep. That extra hour was just enough to get me going and at 7 I went on a very cold, rainy run.

When I got outside and realized how freaking cold it was, plus the rain I almost turned right back around. But after thinking about it I knew would feel better and more importantly my workout would be done for the day. A cold wet run isn’t my top five favorite ways to start the day so I made a breakfast that would make up for it.


Eggs with avocado on Ezekiel and another piece with jam. I doctored up my eggs with some avocado mixed in and they turned out extra tasty. I didn’t go crazy and only added a dime size just to test it out. I’m now a huge fan and will gradually add more in to see what the limit will be.

For dinner I doctored up my frozen pizza too. I got roasted veggie but it was lacking a whole lot so I added some chicken and a little bit more cheese.


I was a lot happier with my additions and added a spinach salad on the side. I don’t normally have frozen pizza, but with Travis gone for work I’ve been bad about meal planning and just grabbing whatever at the store…on an empty stomach. I think not feeling 100% has a lot to do with not really caring what I have for meals as long as it has a good amount of fruits and vegetables. Next week I vow to plan my food better and not go to the store hungry because pizza from a box just doesn’t cut it.

Aside from food my lashes are still super curled after 24 hours.


Please excuse the cat in the background, she wanted nothing to do with the self pic;) She sleeps staring at the wall, weirdest thing.

How do you doctor up your food?

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