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do you think that's organic food is better for our health? i've got a lot of digestif problems and my skin is very dry

Posted by nina

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There have been some studies suggesting that organic produce has a slightly higher antioxidant level than commercially-grown produce. However if buying organic produce means you won't be able to afford as many fruits and vegetables because of the expense, you're better off buying and eating more non-organically grown produce. Just be sure to wash it well and you can even buy a natural fruit/veggie spray that helps remove any pesticides, waxes or bacteria.

On the other hand, with processed, packaged foods, just because something is labeled “organic” – doesn’t mean that it’s better for you. Beware of the food manufacturers – they will do whatever it takes to seduce you into buying their products so REMEMBER:  AN ORGANIC CANDY BAR IS STILL A CANDY BAR!!! 


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