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Do You Think Positive?

Posted Aug 02 2011 7:08pm

Lately I have been a negative nelly.

I’ve been worried about silly things I can’t change and things I don’t even know will happen.

I’ve had very little patience and have been super stressed out.

Well friends, it’s time to change that.


Bam! Project Think Positive couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. Diana from The Chic Life  started this fabulous project and I’m super excited for it.

This week’s challenge is to counter a negative thought with a positive one.

We could all add a little more positive thinking into our lives. Want to join us in Project Think Positive? Click on over here to read Week 1′s Challenge!

Thank goodness I read this challenge before this morning’s yoga class because wow it was difficult. I have a lot of trouble with my hips…they’re usually always tight and sore and today was no different. In the class I wasn’t feeling as limber and flexible as usual, so I was getting really angry at myself for not being able to do as much as normal. Sounds silly, right? I remembered the weekly challenge and quickly told myself “at least your here stretching, tomorrow you’re going to be back to normal!”

I instantly felt better about what I was doing and kept going with a positive attitude.

Luckily there were no icky events like yesterday’s nose-blowing -into-the-face-towel drama by one of the men at the gym. I’m still not over it.

Are you going to follow Project Think Positive? When was the last time you followed a negative thought with a positive one? 

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