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Do you think I should have my 5.1 bleeding cyst removed or try other options to see if it will shrink?

Posted by Mrs.I need to know

I have an 5.1cm bleeding cyst on my right ovary,it grows almost 1cm in a weeks time, that is causing pain and swelling in my lower abdominal,plus pain in my leg and lower back.I am becomeing sick on my stomach and I am staying weak and tired all the time. My blood test already shows infection starting and the pain is becoming more severe with each day and the swelling is spreading. What do you think I should do?
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If your physician believes your blood tests show infection and believes that the infection is due to your cyst, then I'd suggest doing whatever s/he recommends, whether antibiotics alone or antibiotics plus surgical drainage.


In urgent situations like this, you need to get a second opinion from someone who can lay hands on you and examine you completely.  Over the Internet, no one can perform even a fraction of what someone can do in person.  So if you don't trust the physician who you're seeing right now who appears to be recommending surgery in light of cyst being the source of your infection, get a second opinion quickly.  Good luck!

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