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Do you know what honeybee propolis is?

Posted Jan 09 2010 4:49pm

Honeybees are amazing animals.

My father is a commercial beekeeper in Ontario Canada and he writes about his life and times in the Campbells Honey blog.

From helping him in the summer months, I know a few things about honeybees.  For example I know they make about five different things that are all natural and 'healing'.

1) honey

2) bee pollen

3) bees wax

4) Royal Jelly

5) bee propolis

honey bee propolis at Campbells Honey in Ontario Canada via Smojoe Honeybee propolis is not something people are very familiar with... Bee propolis is a mixture of hoeny, beeswax and plant resins esp pine tar. The bees use it to stick their hives together.

Here is a chuck that's hard and soft on top. The liquid puddles are oil and honey. This picture belongs me and I first posted it on my Smojoe blog. Thats where you can read about how I came across it.

I photographed this piece of bee propolis on a hot summer day and the sun drew the oils to the surface 

Any questions? 

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