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Do You Know About The Causes Of Yeast Infection And How To Prevent It.

Posted Apr 05 2009 11:17pm

Yeast is found harmlessly inside our bodies, it’s kept under control by the friendly bacteria in the colon and vagina. When yeast overgrows and multiplies, this can lead to a genital yeast infection. It is necessary to know the causes of yeast infection so that the appropriate measures can be taken. There are mainly three things that can make you susceptible to a genital yeast infection.

1) During pregnancy your estrogen level increases, this causes your vagina to produce more glycogen. Glycogen is a polysaccharide of glucose, which functions as the secondary short-term energy storage in animal cells. The uterus also stores glycogen during pregnancy to nourish the embryo, while also making it easy for yeast to grow there. So a vaginal yeast infection is very common in pregnant women, especially during the second trimester. This type of yeast infection is not so easy to prevent, as the causes of a vaginal yeast infection in pregnancy is natural. However, you can help by wearing loose fitting, cotton underwear, avoid taking baths and limit your intake of sugar-rich foods…cause yeast needs sugar to thrive.

2) Taking antibiotics. Like mentioned earlier, there are many yeast organisms present in our bodies…which are not harmful. The “beneficial” bacteria that also live inside our bodies is essential to our health and is usually harmless. The presence of yeast and bacteria inside our bodies should be maintained in balance with one another. Taking antibiotics typically kills the “beneficial” bacteria along with the bad, which allows the yeast to overgrow rapidly…thereby causing a viginal yeast infection. It is important to maintain the balance of yeast and “good” bacteria in our body so that we can prevent the growth of infections. Therefore, it is advisable to only take antibiotics when it is only absolutely necessary.

3) Sexual intercourse. Semen is more alkaline than vaginal fluids, the acidic environment of the vagina tends to neutralize the semen. However, the moisture and heat created during sexual intercourse causes some internal tissues to become irritated and inflamed…leaving them susceptible to infection. Some birth control devices that contain spermicide can also cause irritation. The use of prophylactics during intercourse can also increase irritation as they are usually coated in spermicide. All these factors can cause the production and overgrowth of yeast.

There are other factors that might affect the delicate vaginal balance. Stress can also be a contributing factor. If a person is stressed your immune system becomes stressed or depressed. This invites the spread of yeast and other infections. Staying clean and having a alkaline pH are important factors in fighting the production of yeast inside our body. If someone has a high carbohydrate intake like alcohol, refined sugars, and cortisone, this creates the perfect environment for yeast growth.

A diet high in sugar can lead to Diabetes, which in turn is another cause of a vaginal yeast infection. The consumption of 100 grams of sugar effectively suppresses the immune system for 6 to 7 hours. If you must have sugar, try to stick to natural organic sugars. Natural sugars are slow to enter the blood or, like honey, are predigested by bees so do not have the same chemical effect on the immune system.

Clothing is another source of irritation and can encourage forms of fungal growth. Non-ventilating clothing increases warmth and moisture, the ideal breeding ground for yeast to reproduce rapidly. Learn more about yeast infectionyeast infection causes so that you will be able to prevent a genital yeast infection from every coming into your life.

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