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Do you have “pink eye” and what is the treatment for pink eye

Posted Jan 15 2013 10:54am

Pink eye, or conjunctivitis, is a redness and inflammation of the eye membranes, aka the conjunctiva, which covers the eye whites and the membranes in the inner part of the eyelids. Pink eye can be caused by allergies, bacteria, chemicals and toxins, viruses, etc., because these membranes are very sensitive and delicate parts of the body. It can occur at any age and for a variety of causes, but anyway pink eye is quite uncomfortable, itchy and annoying.

The treatment for pink eye varies on the type of conjunctivitis you have, but a good idea is to remove your contacts and eyeglasses until it heals.  You may place clean cold or warm compresses on the eyes – cool for allergic reactions and warm for infections. Be sure to use separate compresses for the eyes, because pink eye is contagious and may spread easily from one eye to the other.

Keep in mind that to keep the other people in your home safe, you should use your own separate towel for the face, and stay clear of making any contact with other people’s towels.

To drain the eye from the liquid gathered, wipe the pink eye with a clean surface from the nose to the outside, so that it stays out of the eye. Throw away the swabs or keep them away from the reach of others.  Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after every procedure you do on your eyes.

Conjuctivitis is very contagious and apart for thorough hand washing disinfection of any door knobs and other surfaces the infected person has touched, of course no towels and handkerchiefs should be shared.  It is a good idea to stay home until you pink eye improves – so that you don’t infect the eye even more and so that you keep other safe too.

Medical treatment for pink eye

If the doctor has prescribed eye drops, gels or other treatment – use it as prescribed. Once again, be careful not to spread the conjunctivitis from one eye to the other or from one person to another.

When pink eye is caused by a virus, this usually happens most often in the spring and fall, and the discharge from the eye is clear and watery.  In some cases, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics. This condition usually lasts for about 2 weeks and is very contagious.

People affected with bacterial pink eye usually wake up with the infected eye stuck with yellow or green thick discharge, as well as a lot of redness and swelling. Even the lymph nodes on the neck can get swollen as a result of this bacterial infection. The eyes can be unstuck in the morning by carefully massaging the eyelids with clean warm damp cloths, or another great tip is to use cotton swabs dipped in warm chamomile tea. This sooths the itching and removes the thick discharge.  Usually antibiotic eye drops will be prescribed for bacterial pink eye.  You need to visit the doctor in case your conjunctivitis is accompanied with a runny nose, sore throat and other signs that you may have a more general bacterial infection, when oral antibiotics also may be necessary.

Pink eye from Chlamydia can be sexually transmitted and is treated with special antibiotics prescribed by a doctor.

Apart from these contagious types of reasons for pink eye, some non-contagious and  external reasons for the appearance of pink eye include: allergies (pollen, dust, hay fever, etc.), exposure to some types of chemicals (sprays, pollutants, cleaning liquids, smoke, etc.)

In case your eyes have been subject to a dangerous chemical make sure to wash out thoroughly and seek medical attention.

There are some deeper possible underlying reasons for the appearance of conjunctivitis, such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis,Kawasaki and Crohn’s dieases.

Some home remedies of pink eye include placing chamomile tea bags on the closed eyes (after the tea has boiled and the bags have cooled down of course), and also the herb Eyebright with which you can wash your infected eye to relieve the symptoms of pink eye.

Some people suggest using probiotics to help treat pink eyes, and the most common such home remedy is a few drops of breast milk in the eye – this goes for newborns and for the grownups as well.  If you can’t get your hand on any breast milk, you can try with a couple of drops of raw cow or goat milk. Like breast milk, these are known to be full of probiotics, great for boosting the immunity.  If no raw milk is to be found either, then the liquid from yogurt or whey can be used as an alternative too.

If you are constantly getting pink eye over and over again, then you may be suffering from a Vitamin A deficiency – consider adding some cod liver oil to your daily diet, because Vitamin A is great for general eye health.

In order to boost the immune system and treat pink eye from the inside, you can use some natural remedies, including:

-1/2-1 teaspoon of Echinacea tincture several times a day.
-Take vitamin C supplements or foods rich in vitamin C.
-Increase the intake of foods and supplements rich in Vitamin A.
-Drink elderberry syrup or juice.

To wash the infected or affected eyes, you can make a salty eye wash made of a tablespoon of salt dissolved in a cup of boiling distilled water. After the solution has cooled off, you can use it to flush out the affected eye by pink eye, via an eyedropper, several times a day.

Another natural eye wash which can be made to help treat pink eye includes: a teaspoon of comfrey root plus a tablespoon of raspberry leaf and a tablespoon of goldenseal root in a cup of boiling distilled water Boil and mix for 30-60 minutes. Then strain the herbal infusion and use an eye dropper to flush out the affected eye.

Both the water-salt and the herbal washing solutions should be made and used on the same day.

You need to watch for worsening of the symptoms such increase of discomfort and pain in the eye, blurred vision which doesn’t improve after draining or blinking the eye, the eye becomes too sensitive to light or other, then you should contact the doctor to take over a treatment for pink eye.

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