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Do you apologize for being yourself?

Posted Jun 08 2013 9:53am

The other day, I was stopped at a red light. I looked to my left and saw a woman in the car next to me totally rocking out to the song playing from her car stereo. I smiled. Our car can really be our sanctuary. We can let go and freely be whoever we want to be without a care in the world. As I smiled at the woman, she looked up and saw me staring back at her. Immediately, her face turned to one of sheer humiliation. She smiled nervously, waved, and mouthed the word, “Sorry!” to me. I smiled, pumped my fist in the air, and shook my head in a knowing manner. “Rock on!” I said with a fist bump. We both laughed and the light turned green.

My heart sank a bit. That woman in the car – wild, free, happy – was amazing. She was sexy. She was everything that she is meant to be. She was authentic. She was vulnerable. The second she apologized for being herself, her energy shifted. Her vulnerability disappeared and wall of fear shot up in front of her face. I mean, I related so much better to the wild woman rocking out than I did to the woman who sheepishly hung her head and apologized for being who she truly is…because I saw myself in her.

As I drove away, I sent her some love and thanked her for being another assignment in my life, teaching me to continue expressing my truth.

Especially as women, I think we wait too much on people to give us permission to act a certain way. This is not even remotely hot. We need to become unapologetic about being wild, free, and happy. We don’t need to apologize for anything that brings us closer to our truth.

People make up “rules” and we decide to follow them just because other people do.  Even if it means betraying our truth in that very moment. I get it. I was that way too. I grew up being the Heather that I thought people wanted me to be. I thought that all I had to do was be kind and nice to people and that would mean that I was a good person. But I got too caught up in being kind and nice and, in the process, totally lost touch with actually expressing my truth. Sure my truth is kind and nice, but there are deeper nuances in there too. I am feisty. I am strong-willed. I am stubborn. I am driven.  But most of all, I am worthy – worthy of expressing my truth in every given moment, worthy of rockin’ out at a red light without caring what people think of my hair flying in a million directions.  

No one will ever give you permission to be 100% you except for you.  And that’s simply because there is no one else like you out there. Everyone else doesn’t think like you, like the same things as you, or behave the same way. We all have the same truth at our core – to give and receive love to everyone we meet . We just express it in different ways. And whether your truth is rocking out at your steering wheel or simply bopping your head along with a smirk on your pretty little face, they’re both beautiful. Because they’re both YOU.

Stay lovely,

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