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Do People Wear Sunglasses Just to Look Cool?

Posted Oct 01 2010 8:24am

< p>Sunglasses were originally pioneered as a way of keeping harmful ultra violet rays from the sun away from the delicate surface of the eye, this is achieved by placing a thin film of a special material over the lens that blocks harmful UV rays. They differ from glasses in that they do not improve or enhance sight deficiencies, rather they are designed to prevent them. Sunglasses have been hugely successful and there are numerous business out there that have made Millions of pounds from either making or selling sunglasses. The obvious one that springs to mind is Oakley, originally they started off as an extreme sports brand but their sculpted, colourful style became well loved with the masses.


Of course sunglasses are also highly fashionable and people flock to buy anything from  prescription sunglasses  to  designer sunglasses  just for their sleek looks. As with anything styles drift in and out of fashion and the most well loved shape over the last five years or so has been the aviator, these have large, reflective lenses that are commonly flat at the top and curved at the bottom, culminating in a point. Manufacturers huge and small have all place their own spin on the style from coloured frames to plastic shutters in place of the lenses. Of course at this point sunglasses go beyond functionality and fall primarily under the ‘style’ subheading!


The increasing amount of music videos depicting rap and R&B stars wearing sunglasses indoors or outside at night has lead to a nationwide acceptance of sunglasses wearing in odd locations and situations like clubsmany also use them to shield their bloodshot eyes the morning after a heavy night! Of course there are other viable uses for sunglasses, sportsmen use them to aid performance, particularly cyclists or runners who wear yellow or clear framed examples of  glasses  to keep the wind out of their eyes.

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