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Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work?

Posted Mar 24 2010 10:17pm 1 Comment

Male enhancement is a serious concern for millions of men. Up to 4/10 men want to increase their size or stamina, and 5/10 women report they wish their partner was “larger” and had more forceful erections. Two of the most popular ways to increase penis size are through “male enhancement” pills and through stretching exercises such as jelquing or other natural exercises.

Penis Enhancement Pills? Do they work?

Everywhere you look these days, you’ll see advertisements for “natural male enhancement” pills claiming you’ll increase size and staying power. Some of the advertisements are silly, with a man playing golf, or making a good impression in a company meeting. If you are skeptical about these products, you’re not alone. It is hard to figure out how these pills would work. How can a pill cause you penis to grow longer? Unlike other medications, which target specific medical conditions, these pills claim they can grow certain areas on the body while not affecting other areas. Are they safe? Are they effective? The three most popular brands available today are Enzyte, ProSolutions and VigRx Plus.

Penis Enhancement Pills- No FDA medical trials

If you believe all of the hype surrounding these products, you’d believe they are 100% effective at increasing the size of a man’s erection. These claims, however, are not based on any medical trials because none of the “male enhancement” pills have been proven in clinical trials. The FDA does not allow the “enhancement pill” manufacturers to market their pills as medicines. Rather, they are allowed to be sold as “supplements” along with fiber powders, vitamin c and other non-medical herbal supplements.

What is in Penis Enlargement Pills?

Well for the most part all of the major pills use a common ingredient, Yohimbine. This is an alkaloid which can increase blood flow. It is a natural ingredient usually found in Indian Snakeroot. Yohimbine is useful in erectile dysfunction, as it can increase bloodflow and is a sexual stimulant. However, as for enlargement, there simply no proof that it increase size by increasing blood flow.

So since it is natural it must be safe right?

Well thats where you would be wrong. Male enhancement pill’s are not regulated by the FDA, and many pill’s have been found to contain dangerous contaminants. Some of the contaminants found have been pesticides, yeast, mold, E coli bacteria, and the best of all lead.

So there you have it, “natural penis enhancement” pills are not as effective as jelqing or stretching exercises. The common sense, natural, safe and proven way to a longer, fuller penis is through a proper, effective exercise program of medically proven stretching exercises.

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We second what rxblogger said. Penis enlargement Pills, pumps and jelq are not proven to enlarge the penis, and could be harmful.

 The Andropenis device however has been clinically proven to add inches, but make no mistake, it takes time and dedication, much like going to the gym, you can't just take some miracle "penis enlargement" pill and wake up with a bigger penis, just not possible. So many people are being conned these days, trying to take the easy way out.

 It's annoying becuase it devalues legitimate products such as the Andropenis Gold.


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