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Do Collagen Pills Help Your Skin

Posted Nov 22 2008 1:26am 1 Comment
by kevin scott

Collagen pills sound like a simple solution to reverse the signs of aging, but the question is do collagen pills really help your skin? The truth is the collagen pill will not replace the collagen your skin needs to become supple and eliminate wrinkles

So, do collagen pills help your skin? Well, there is not scientific evidence to really support this and nothing has been proven till date. On the other hand, don?t get disheartened just yet. Though collagen pills may not be as effective, there are other methods that can help in revitalizing your skin.

In the normal process of aging, everyone ends up with wrinkles, dark circles, and skin sagging that shows the world how old we really are. The skin loses elasticity as we age; this combined with less collagen in our skin causes us to look even older than we really are.

Since collagen and elastin protein is what your body needs to slow the aging of the skin it makes perfect sense to believe that taking collagen pills will make your wrinkles go away. The problem is, the human body is a complex organism and will not absorb collagen when introduced from an external source. It must be produced from within the body. Even if the body could absorb it, the collagen already within us would not combine with this artificially produced form of collagen.

This is why it does not work to simply take a collagen pill. How do you get your body to produce more collagen? You must stimulate your body to produce it with natural means. Your skin needs more collagen so you need to use certain methods to help your body rebuild this substance to retard the aging process.

Collagen production in the body can be stimulated by a number of ways and by natural ingredients. There are many topical applications with ingredients available online that can help you to increase the collagen level in your body without any side effects.

What does one mean by natural ingredients? Natural ingredients such as Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Avocado oil and grape seed oil help in aiding in the reversal of the aging signs. These ingredients and products are free of side effects and can help in enhancing the collagen production in your skin. So, do Collagen pills help your skin? No, in fact collagen production can only be done by using natural ingredients and not by eating pills.

About the Author:
Kevin Scott has studied the most effective skincreams one can to have youthful skin. see his site at to learn what skincream remedy for wrinkles Kevin recommends after extensive research.
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a report has now been released by the Nutrition research Institute that shows the effect of collagen hydrolysate on the body and different ailments.

the report can be seen by signing into

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