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DIY Wedding Invitations!

Posted Mar 16 2013 6:41pm

Finally!! The DIY Wedding Invitation post is here :)think almost everyone must have gotten theirs by now so hopefully I’m not ruining it for anyone. This was the teaser post I had on instagram when I sent them out…

DIY Wedding Invitations | Fit Foodies. Healthy Life.

And THIS is the final product!

DIY Wedding Invitations | Fit Foodies. Healthy Life.

I wish you could see how pretty the colors actually are in real life. The grey is a rich charcoal and the blush is a lite blush, the sparkles are closer to champagne than gold.

This is how I wrapped them up to send them out :) and yes I wrapped and tied each bow individually.

DIY Wedding Invitations | Fit Foodies. Healthy Life.

And finally this is how I made them:

1. I order the paper online from PaperSource . I got blush invites and RSVP cards and dark grey envelopes for both the RSVPs and the invites, I also did dark grey for the enclosure card. In the future I would probably not do dark grey for the invite envelopes because I found out too late that I wouldn’t be able to print a light ink on them – so I ended up having to print on them in black.

2. Once the paper arrived I went to Michael’s and Hobby Lobby and got: double sided tape, both sizes, Marta Stewart glitter, Reflections embossing powder and a heat embossing tool – you can see what this is here . I think mine is also Reflections brand, 8 spools of ivory ribbon, a calligraphy pen and gold fine sharpie. I already had an exacto knife and 12×12 exacto board (?) to cut on.

DIY Wedding Invites | This is awesome!!DIY Wedding Invites | This is awesome!!

3. I found a free calligraphy font from  and then I started playing around with what they would say, what other font I would use, etc.

4. Once we decided on all of that I printed everything except the envelopes.

5. Invites: After the invites were printed I put a strip of the larger double sided tape down the side and trimmed the ends with the exacto knife. Then I doused with glitter and tapped off. Repeat about 90 times :)

6. Enclosure cards: Again with the larger double sided tape, tape off two corners and trim with the exacto knife and douse with glitter. Repeat.

7. RSVP cards: With the smaller double sided tape, tape off the opposite corners than the enclosure card, trim and glitter. We left the number of guests on our cards blank as a way to politely let people know that we weren’t having children (other than those in the wedding) or plus ones (that we didn’t personally know) at the wedding. It was our way of keeping the wedding smaller and more intimate. Once these were done I went through and wrote (1) the number of guests invited and (2) the number of that guest on our spreadsheet on the back upper corner of the RSVPs. This way in case someone doesn’t write their name in :) you know who it is anyway. I saw this on Pinterest and am so glad I did.

Write a number on the back of RSVP that correlates to the spreadsheet of your guests. Genius.

8. RSVP envelopes. I ordered a custom return stamp from Etsy and I could not be more glad that I did. This is how I addressed our RSVP envelopes. I used the gold ink and stamped the envelopes and then used the gold embossing powder and heat embossed them. I had never done this before but there are about a hundred examples on YouTube of heat embossing. It was super easy, time consuming, but not hard, and I loved how they turned out.

9. Actual invitation envelopes. I used the same calligraphy for the names and then a simpler font for the addresses – just like the invites. Then I used the stamp with white ink and sparkly white embossing powder to do the back (return address of our envelopes).

DIY Wedding Invites | This is awesome!!

10. Finally, put it all together in a bow and send it out :) for stamps I used the $.65 Wedding Cake ones (from USPS) for the vines and the White Rose Forever stamps for the RSVPS.

Time wise it took me a few days to get everything I wanted (over the course of a few weeks), a whole Sunday doing trial and error and getting started, an evening with two of my amazing friends helping :) and then probably three more evenings on my own. Not too terrible and totally worth it. Although, my kitchen table looked like this and there was glitter all over the house for about a week :) haha the Fatkid was not thrilled when he couldn’t get it out of his hair.

DIY Wedding Invites | This is awesome!!

Tip – I got about 15-20 extra of each item of paper and I am glad I did because it took some trial and error at first with the printing and embossing and then there were a few goof -ups along the way.

In other wedding updates :) my first dress fitting was last weekend and my mom came up and she and my maid of honor came with me. Neither of them had seen the dress in person and they loved it :) It. Could. Not. Be. More. Perfect. Except for being a little too big :) I also got my veil, something simple and classic, found my shoes, got our rings sized and set up a few surprises for the Fatkid the day of. And we booked our honeymoon!!! Gorgeous Antigua here we come :) we decided to go in August after I take the bar exam, instead of right after the wedding.

The one or two things I guess that I am having trouble with are my something borrowed and something blue. I know most people do blue on their garter or underwear and I could as a last resort but I’m not sure I want to :/ I might borrow some jewelry from my mom but again I think I will already have enough on.

What was your something borrowed or something blue? 

Did you make your invites?

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