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DIY: How to reuse old candle jars

Posted May 11 2013 10:07pm
Home DIY DIY: How to reuse old candle jars

16 comments May 09/13 DIY, Dogs, Organizing

I have a major obsession with candles.

If you walk into my house at any given time, you’ll probably find one burning somewhere.

I try to burn soy candles as much as possible because they aren’t as toxic, but my major weakness is buying seasonal candles from Bath & Body Works.

Because of my candle lighting addiction, I tend to go through them like water.  In the not so distant past, I’d simply toss out the jars when the candles were done for good.


How to reuse old candle jars- The Grass Skirt Blog #DIY

And then I realized that I could couple my love for candles with my love for organizing by emptying out my old candle jars to make storage containers.

It’s super easy, and I’m going to explain how you can do it too!


Here’s what you’ll need:

    Any sized jar candle (with or without a lid) A butter knife or any other dull knife Freezer Sponge Dish soap A sink with running water Dish towel


Step One: Burn your favorite candle all the way down. Well, it doesn’t have to be your favorite.  Any candle will do.

Step One- How to reuse your old candles

Step Two: Stick the candle in the freezer for about 24 hours.


Step Three: Break the wax apart with a knife.  It should break very easily.

Step Three- How to reuse your old candle jars

Step Four: Discard the chunks of wax along with the wick. Step Four- How to reuse your old candle jars


Step Five: Sponge clean the jar using dish soap and warm water. Step Five- How to reuse your old candle jarsDon’t get discouraged if all of the wax doesn’t come off right away.  Sometimes it takes a little extra elbow grease.


Step Six: Peel any stickers or labels off the jar, and wipe off any residue with the sponge. Step Six- How to reuse your old candle jars


Step Seven: Wipe the jar off until it’s dry. Step Seven- How to reuse your old candle jars


Step Eight: Fill the jar with anything you’d like! storage for dog treatsI use the jars to store Lucy’s dog treats.


nursery storageI also use them in the nursery to store balms, medications, and grooming tools.


You can also use your clean jar as a:

    Makeup brush holder Jar for wrapped candy Jewelry container (small jars work great for rings and earrings) Container for nail polish Container for office supplies


Do you have a favorite scented candle?

How would you use the empty jars?


Have a great day!


  1. Very Creative! I actually use the battery-operated candles now – Mr. Craves tried to light one a few months back – pretty funny:) Happy Thursday

    • Ha ha. That’s too funny!

      I have some battery powered ones too and love them. I actually want to get some more for our bathroom.


      • I want to find some taller ones that do not cost a fortune – saw some in a home store and expensive!

  2. Throwing our/recycling those glass jars is one of my husband’s pet peeves too. We lean towards Yankee Candle as we live close by to their flagship store. I do prefer reusing the ones with the flat tops. The smaller ones work well on my dressing table for jewelry Any tips for getting the black soot off? I can never seem to get them as clean as I would like.

    • The soot usually comes right off for me, but I have actually used oven cleaner to remove it once or twice. Works great!

  3. That freezer trick is very clever! Love this post.
    Stopping by from the Friday FOLLOW Along

  4. Yay! I also re-use them as candle holders for smaller candles, after getting the old wax out. Thanks for the reminder- I need to put my dead candles in the freezer. :)

  5. Thank you for participating in the Let’s Be Friends Bloglovin’ Blog Hop!!!

    I can’t wait to read more of your blog! :)



  6. Thanks for sharing this at Friday Follow Along. I love reusing things and actually just decorated a candle jar but I didn’t get the wax out so I am glad to see this so now I can do my own!
    You can check out what I did to mine here

  7. I am definitely obsessed with the B&BW candles and they have such cute containers that it is a shame not to reuse them. I didn’t know about the freezer trick! I always have such a hard time getting the rest of the wax out of mine. Great idea!


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