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Posted Mar 12 2011 9:37pm

My man was out in the garage this afternoon working on this beauty...

(he loves making log furniture , this is his specialty, Log Recliners !!) DSC07740

So while he was working, I snuck out with the little man & went for a 3 mile run (26 minutes)! It was SOOOOO nice to finally go for a real run after 2 weeks of not running (why no running?... read here ). Overall, today was awesome! A 4 mile hike & a 3 mile run. It feels really good :)

When I got home, he was still in the I decided to make a quick little project –

–> a FOREARM EXERCISER. Here is what I used.


Here is how I made my own forearm less that 20 MINUTES!

Step One: Measure & cut the PVC pipe at 12” [aka: 1 foot;)]


Step Two: Drill a hole mid way on the pipe through one side


Step Three: Measure out some rope/parachute cord. [The length is a personal preference, you want the weight to be just above the ground when you hold your arms out straight. (I am 5’5” & I cut mine between 3 1/2 - 4 feet.)]

Put the rope through the hole, melt both ends (with a match!) & tie a knot at one end.  DSC07729 Step Four: Tie the non-knotted end around a weight of your choice (I only have 7.5 & 2.5 lb plates, absolutely went with the 2.5 lbs!)



After I made it, my man told me, “Hey, instead of making your totally awesome forearm exerciser, you could have just sanded my chair for forearms FEEL LIKE JELLY!” Ha! Silly guy.

Yeah, forearms aren’t the most essential muscle to work in the body, but personally I think it’s fun. Plus, if you play tennis or any other sport that uses forearm muscle...then you should work them out with this exerciser! Very easy to make (if you have all the stuff already in your garage!) Do you ever workout your forearms?!

Or, if you have kiddos you can let them play with a trumpet...

DSC07737 ...or their own little ‘pet’ on a leash!


Don’t forget, I have a GIVEAWAY tomorrow!!

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