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ditching diet dogmas

Posted Apr 10 2013 10:21am

Are you a vegan? A vegetarian? A primal or paleo eater? Are you a raw vegan? A high fat raw vegan? A low fat raw vegan? A pescatarian? Are you an Atkins or Weight Watchers follower? A low-glycemic eater? A traditional foodist? A fruitarian? An 801010er? A macrobiotic? An Ayurvedic? A high-protein eater? A proper food combiner? An alkaline only dieter? A juice faster?

tumblr_mkw3bty5wl1qi4v3uo1_500 If you haven’t caught the drift of this post yet, consider this question: Do you label yourself under strict dietary philosophies? Why do we tell people, “I am vegan.” or “I am raw.”? Really people? Have we run out of things for our egos to take control over, that now they have to label a way that we eat too? What you are is soul, what you are is love, what you are is light, what you are is energy. Identifying oneself to anything, especially diet dogmas, is setting ourselves up to failure. What if you are a raw vegan and then you eat some cooked food? Your body will respond as if you have done something wrong to it, when in fact- going out of your eating comfort zone may actually be good for you. Did I say that? yep!!


Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t always thought this way. When I first made the vegetarian switch back in the day, I would tell everyone, “I am vegetarian.” Back then, I didn’t understand how much harm that simple saying would do to my overall health and well-being.

I know you may be thinking that a simple diet identification couldn’t do your body much harm. But the universe- this crazy, unbelievable, magical place that we live on- always listens to our thoughts and sayings, and is always trying to bring our bodies to equilibrium, peace, and harmony. Sticking to a strict way of eating simply causes stress in our bodies; and stress quit frankly leads to digestion upset, weight gain, and hormonal imbalance.

Maybe we can try eliminating the ego when we eat. You are not a healthy eater, you are not a junk food junkie, you are not a calorie counter; you are you.


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